Q: How tough is poker nowadays, with all these high calibre young guns?

GS: I think the biggest difference you see in poker is there’s a lot more variance. I mean, these kids are 3-betting, 4-betting, 5-betting, 6-betting you with nothing all the time. They’re forcing you to take a stance, to gamble a lot more than perhaps you’d like to, especially a guy like me who likes to play post-flop poker. Having said that, given the success they’ve had online you’d think a lot more of them would have had more success live. It just goes to show you how different each skill set is. It takes a hell of a player to be great at both.

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They can give away the strength of their hand, whether or not they’re comfortable and they can also give away their motivation. If a guy says, “I qualified on a $100 satellite,” you can assume he likely wants to stick around for a while, maybe make the money, so you can play more aggressive against him. That kind of player is likely to lay down more hands.

Q: How important is it, during this table talk, for you to stay focussed on your opponents and pay attention to what they're doing?

GS: I think it’s important to think about everything while you’re at the table. If the best players in the world are taking everything in and you’re not, then you’re giving something up. Anytime you can find anything to your advantage you have to use that tool, especially nowadays with the fields getting tougher and tougher.

Q: You finally won your WSOP bracelet in 2010. How doe sit compare with your WPT 'Player of the Year' crown? Where does the bracelet rank?

​GS: I really love and appreciate the fact that I’ve won a gold bracelet. I’m finally off that stupid list of great players to have never won one  but, here’s the thing, bracelets are hard to win. I mean, the fields are so larger these days, I don’t believe your career is defined by winning one. I play poker to support my family and for me it’s about the money. Realistically, I put the bracelet about 4th or 5th on my achievement list.  It’s fantastic I own one and I’m thrilled I was able to do it but I still consider my greatest feat to be the ‘Player of the Year’ award in 2005. I’m part of a very exclusive list there, much more exclusive than the gold bracelet list.

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Gavin Smith

2010 WSOP Bracelet Winner & 2005 WPT 'Player of the Year'

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Q: You have been called the 'Clown Prince of Poker' because of your lively and fun table banter. Are you talking at the table for strategy or to avert boredom?

GS: I’d say it’s a little bit of both. Let’s face it, it’s pretty boring to play poker for so long and just sit there. It’s a pretty miserable existence if you’re not having fun. Thing is, players give away a lot of information when they talk.