Does God Know the Next Card?

(Above) Bryan Storkel, director of Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians, tries to answer that all important question.

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Blackjack in the Movies
Austin Powers plays blackjack with Number 2, who is wearing an eye patch with x-ray vision. Number 2 hits on 17, ashe knows the next card is a FOUR. Austin shows a deuce and a three and STAYS on 5. The dealer advises him to hit but he says  "I like to live dangerously." The dealer gets 20 and Austin loses.
(This is the scene where he meets Allotta Fachina.)

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Bingo Rocks, Embrace It!

​The Best Websites on Which to Play Online Bingo
By: Lawrence Henderson

Online bingo has become a very popular hobby for many people. This easy game has been embraced by players of all ages. While playing the game for money requires players to be a minimum age, younger people can play for free. This is one reason bingo has become such a popular pastime. Playing online bingo at home is a great way to relax and unwind. Among the many websites that offer exciting Bingo games, many people prefer to play at bgo bingo now. Here are some other popular websites on which to play online bingo.

2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

Those who want more fun, action and excitement will want to check out the casino’s Joker Jackpot bingo as well. This is the newest version of a bingo game that the William Hill Online Casino offers. 

For new players, the casino offers an Arrivals Lounge where they can receive a substantial bonus and are granted eight days to play the casino’s bingo games for free before deciding if they want to spend money on the games. 

In addition to playing bingo, players can always chat with each other during the games. Each game room has its own chat moderator to keep the conversations from getting out of hand. 

Betfair Bingo
Launched in 2013, Betfair Bingo is another popular site for those who love the game. There are many game rooms that are suited for players at all skill levels, whether they are bingo novices or have become experts. There is a bingo room dedicated to new players. Promotions are run on a daily and weekly basis to help players take advantage of the casino’s opportunities to play their favourite bingo games. 
The various types of bingo games this casino offers include 90 Ball, Speed, Deal or No Deal, Roll On, Lucky Numbers and 75 Ball Bingo. 

Foxy Bingo is a very popular site for bingo players all over the world. Each of their games is free to play or players have the option of purchasing game cards cheaply. Players who like a fast paced game enjoy the 80 Ball version of the game while those who like a slower paced game prefer the 75 Ball versions. The 80 Ball game is so fast paced because there are only 16 numbers on the whole game card, meaning many games can be played and won in the course of an hour. For those playing with real money there are also progressive bingo games they can choose to participate in. With these games the jackpot simply gets higher and higher until a winner is declared. 

BGO Bingo
The reason for the soaring popularity of BGO Bingo has to do with the bonuses offered to players such as a no deposit bonus and even a chance to win 20 free spins without having to make a deposit. They also offer private gaming that website members must be invited to play.

Robin Hood Bingo
Robin Hood Bingo is another popular choice amongst online bingo players. When new players sign up with the site they are permitted to play bingo for free for the first four days of their membership. As one of the newer bingo sites out there, Robin Hood Bingo offers many exciting promotions to players. They can get free bingo money and a free no deposit bonus. Players also have the option of participating in games for free and being eligible to win money on them anyway.

Winner Bingo
Winner Bingo is a website that always welcomes new players of any skill level. With new player and refer a friend bonuses, this website is quickly growing in popularity amongst bingo players. Some of the types of bingo games offered include both 75 and 90 ball versions, chat, and pattern and speed games. The diversity in game types means any player can find a bingo game that they will love to keep playing.

Bet 365 Bingo
Bet 365 Bingo offers many exciting game rooms for players to enjoy. With regular promotions offered to players as well as a Bingo Bonanza, there is always something fun taking place at the Bet365 Bingo website. Ticket prices vary and run from free cards to 50 pence per card. 

William Hill Online Casino

The William Hill Online Casino offers great Bingo games to players throughout the world. They have various bingo rooms for players to choose from and offer the following types of bingo: 90 Ball, 75 Ball, 75 Ball Pattern, 80 Ball, Multi-Variant.

With so many choices in bingo games, everyone is sure to find a version they like. Each version has slightly different rules, making the game play different from one type to another. Various themes of the casino’s bingo games include Lucky Numbers and Deal or No Deal. 

High Roller Radio

Hall of Famer
1984 world champion Jack Keller won three WSOP bracelets in all and more than $3 million in his career.  He also captured two main events at Amarillo Slim’s Superbowl of Poker, which was the world’s second most prestigious poker tournament at the time.

Greatest Gambling Song Ever?

The Gambler
To say it struck a chord with gamblers all over the world is to understate its simple genius. What a song! Kenny Rogers won the Grammy for best male vocalist in 1980 for the song, 'The Gambler." As close to perfect as a song will get, it quickly became one of the World’s all-time great anthems.
• Released – 1978
• Format – Vinyl
• Genre – country
• Label - United Artists
• Length - 3:32
• Songwriters: Hart, Lorenz / Rodgers, Richard