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Mistakes Made at the Blackjack Table & How to Avoid Them
Ever since France and Italy laid claims to the earliest versions of the game of blackjack some 500 years ago, players have been trying to beat the dealer with their wits, gut feelings and basic strategy. In that time, most players have made a myriad of mistakes at the blackjack table and lost money.

Fun Blackjack Facts
- The dealers average hand is a little better than 18. So, if you got 18 every hand you would eventually go broke. That suggests its proper to hit a little more often.
- Games with fewer decks are better for the players. You will get blackjack more often and win more double downs. The casinos know this and therefore the incoporate different rules.
- Insurance is a sucker's bet, statistically speaking. Unless you are counting cards and have good reason to believe the dealer may have blackjack you should skip insurance.
- The Barona Casino in San Diego, California houses the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Each inductee gets a lifetime comp for full room, food, and beverage as long as they vow not to play on the casino's tables.

Let's assume in all cases the 'Dealer' is showing a ‘9’:

- Too Passive: Players Showing ’15’ play a Llittle too passive with their hand. It doesn’t matter what the dealer shows, they are just afraid to bust. The is a mistake. The Dealer, showing a ‘9‘ will make his hand more often than he won’t. Many times you will bust holding ’15’ but by hitting you at least give yourself a chance to win against the Dealer’s ‘9’. You don’t want to be a sitting duck. By not hitting, you are costing yourself money in the long run.

High Roller Radio

"Common Blackjack Mistakes"

One of the best ways to aoid mistakes is to study and practise, something made a whole lot easier these days with the emergence of fantastic online casinos like Betfair Casino NJ. Sites like this allow players the opportunity to try out various casino games, like craps, roulette, poker, for small stakes and even free. Players must take advantage of this. The minimum bet at most brick and mortar casinos in blackjack is more than the average player would like to spend. Online casinos are a great to study, practise and learn the game inside and out.

​There are a wide range of mistakes to avoid; from not knowing basic strategy, to playng too passively or aggressively, to not paying attention. High Roller Radio has looked at a few real life hands to outline some bad play that should be eliminated for your game.

- Too Aggressive: Players showing a ‘Soft 14’ with an 'Ace' and a '3' play way too strongly in many cases. Some players feel the urge to double down against the Dealer’s ‘9’ but most of the time this strategy doesn’t work out too well. Why? Well, the 'Soft 14', or any hand where you can’t make at leafs a ’20’, is generally not a hand you want to double down with. Yes, sometimes the player can make a 6 or a 7, but most of the time the player will miss. If your next card is an ‘8’, you are stuck with '12' on a double down and there is not much you can do. Can you say sitting duck?

- Faulty Strategy: Splitting ’10’s’ will make everyone at the table wince when you do this. A move like this falls under the category of too aggressive and a losing proposition in the long run. Even if your next card on one hand is a ’10’, the card for your second hand may be an ‘8’ and you’e behind with ’18’. This might leave you mumbling to yourself, “Why did I do that?” You went from a winning position to a push because of bad strategy.

- Splitting Sevens: Again, this would fall under the category of ultra aggressive and perhaps a sign the player just wants to get some money on the table and gamble it up. Yes, ’14’ isn’t a premium hand but it’s not a horrible hand either. The next card comes a ‘9’ so you are stuck with ’16’ on one hand. If you draw you are likely to bust. If you stay you are likely to lose. It’s a tough spot indeed. Now, you draw a  and now you draw a ’10’ on the second seven and are behind the Dealer already with ’17’. Essentially you are turning one marginal hand into two marginal hands. This is something you want to avoid. Let’s assume the dealer’s next cards are a ‘5’ and a ‘6’ for a total of ’20’:

The seven splitter just lost two bets instead of one by playing, or gambling, too strongly. The player who split 10’s loses one bet and pushes another. The aggressive player with a ‘Soft 14’ ends up losing as well. These are common holes many players fall into. It's bad play but it is fixable.

Another common mistake players make is playing too high, and this goes for poker, roulette, craps and all casino games. Be responsible with your hard earned money. Practise, study and always look for ways to improve. You can play for small stakes or even play money before deciding to venture into money games. By stayng away from these imperfections in your blackjack games you will drive up your win rate, have more fun, and make your casino experience more enjoyable. Remember, the object of playing blackjack, either at a brick and mortar casino or online casino is to have fun and do your best to win. Hope this helps.

Have fun at the tables!