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How Do Bonus and Reward Systems for Loyal Customers Work?

Players love the bonus perks and freebies that offered on the top rated online casinos. And it’s no coincidence that the bonuses on offer at any time in casinos play a significant role in attracting even more new players. You will find that the most dominant casinos implement creative ways of setting up those bonuses to make them even more appealing to more players. They accomplish this by introducing reward systems to their casinos with the aim of keeping these customers entertained in their casino sites.

In today’s exclusive, we will broadly discuss the types of rewards that people get in playing online casino games and show you how you can get the rewards like
free spins and no-deposit rewards on roulette wheel and other table games. Let's dig into the juicy parts!

Online Casino Bonuses

As you know by now, bonus rewards are given out on any online casino usually come with terms and conditions for claiming them. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, you must always read the terms and conditions before you grab the benefits on offer. With that out of the way, the following are the types of bonuses you will come across on the best of online casinos:

Welcome Promotions

They are customarily offered to new players who have just logged in the casino for the first time. Welcome packages usually come with conditions that must be met first before you can cash out any earnings garnered from the reward. For instance, you will be required to make an initial deposit before you get the bonus and sometimes you will have to meet specific wagering requirements before you can withdraw the bonus winnings.  Moreover, many online casinos offer unique bonus codes to activate the welcome bonus for the first time.

No-deposit bonuses and other miscellaneous bonuses

No deposit bonuses are those types of bonus offers that are given without the need to make a deposit upfront. These bonuses are usually quite lucrative since you can claim them without having to meet any terms and conditions first. They may be part of the welcome package as well or offered randomly, and sometimes you are just told to wager a certain amount and get the bonus on your next wager.

The other miscellaneous bonuses you can get in online casinos include; refer a friend bonus, festive season bonuses, weekend bonuses and many others. Ordinarily, you are required to participate in a certain draw or activity in the lobby so that you can qualify to get them.

Online Casino Loyalty Program

In many online casinos, you will find up to 6 status levels of the loyalty program for customers.  The kind of tier you will occupy in the lobby generally depends on how much you play in any casino, and this also will determine how you will be moving up and down the leaderboard.

Your progress will also determine your status as well. In every status, different bonus perks are tailored for players. And as you move up your status, things get even better. You will have access to the good stuff. These include bigger bonuses, more privileges and access to the VIP suite, where you will also be offered a personal account manager, and it doesn't stop there, you will even get more VIP goodies like VIP jackpots, exclusive events, and so much more.

Better yet in these loyalty programs, whenever you are at a certain status level and decide to participate on a draw or a promotion, your reward will be a bit higher compared to what other regular people will be getting.

To move to another status level, you will have to spend more time and money in the lobby. The more you play, the more, the higher up the status you go;  i.e. the more you wager in your favourite games, the more points you will earn, and the faster open up new doors for more in-house perks.

You must, however, remember that in most online casinos once you move up to a certain level, there is always a deadline for how you long you can stay there. Mostly you will be offered a whole month to enjoy yourself and move to the next level. The moment you get to a new level, it gets even easier to maintain your movement up the ladder. And on the other hand, if you don't proceed to the next level within the stipulated time, your benefits could be cut back, or you may end up being relegated to the initial level.

VIP Points

This is how VIP points usually work; the more you deposit and play, the more points you will receive. In fact, VIP points are generally closely associated with the loyalty program and how quickly or slowly you will progress up the tiers. And when you accumulated enough VIP points, you can use them to benefit yourself in numerous ways depending on the gaming site. The most common reward associated with VIP points is that you can use them as your credits to play more of your favourite games in the online casino.  Many casinos also allow you to redeem them for many other bonus prizes being offered in the house.

And since they are tied to the loyalty program, just remember that the rate of converting these bonuses depends on the status level you have achieved. If you are up in a higher status level, your conversion rates will really more favourable compared to the other lower status levels.

Parting Shot

Online casinos are full of pleasant surprises. However, they come at a cost when working your way around the bonus to get them. Again, to be on the safe side of things, always take your time to read the instructions for getting these bonuses. Are you already a VIP member of your most frequent casino? Which kind of rewards do you get compared to lower level gamers? We would like to know down here in the comments section.

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