$3.2 Billion Wagered
According to the Nevada Gaming Commission, $3.2 billion was wagered in sports bets in the state’s casinos in 2011. Of that amount, $1.34 billion or 41 percent was handled just for football. Sports fans bet a record $98.9 million on Super Bowl XLVII. After paying out to bettors, Nevada sports books earned $7.2 million on 2013’s game.

Did you know?
The financial planning website Mint estimates that more than $8 billion is wagered every year on the Super Bowl alone, with an estimated 200 million people making wagers on the outcome of the game worldwide.

College Football?
CNBC reports between $60-70 billion is illegally wagered on college football each year.

Fantasy Football?
The Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) found that $1.18 billion changes hands between players through pools each year.

Sports Books Win Big in 2015
The Silver State recorded $116 million in wagers on the 2015 Super Bowl, won by the Patriots 28-24 over Seattle. Sports books netted a profit of $3.26 million.

Did you know?
Nevada has 191 sports books. The entire gambling industry in the state is roughly $11 billion.
* Results in Nevada for past 10 Super Bowls (below).

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Poker Revenue in Nevada
The House always wins right? Statewide poker revenue in Nevada for calendar year 2014 was $119.9 million. Good, but a 3% drop off from the $123.9 million in poker revenue in 2013. The last time Nevada’s poker revenue was below $120 million was in 2004. The record? 2007 - $168 million. In terms of tables, 2014 saw an average of 736 tables in Nevada. Last year, there were 774 poker tables. Overall gaming revenue in Nevada in 2014 was $11.02 billion, down from the $11.14 billion in 2013. Poker is just a minuscule part of the Silver State gaming industry.

Poker Quotes

"I just told him, 'it's tough to play basketball with a broken arm.'"
- Henry Hill, mobster, on the Boston College point shaving scandal.

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March Madness?
As much as 25 percent of illegal wagers placed on college basketball games each year comes during March Madness. Sports book operators estimate $80 million to $90 million — less than 4 percent of the illegal take — is wagered on the NCAA tournament legally through Nevada’s 216 sports books.