Pot is $35. Flop comes 10h 10s 5c. I check and the button bets $20, I call. I think I'm good here a lot of the time. The pot is $75. The turn comes 2d. I check again. I feel like betting here would make it easy for him to float me or raise me, at which point I would have to fold. I want to see what he does. He bets $20. Weird, weird weird. Am I getting value milked here? I feel obligated to call this bet.
Pot is $115. River comes 4h. Looks like a blank. I consider donk betting here and maybe he will fold out small pair, but I see all of those small cards on the board. I check again. Button bets $60. I don't really take that long, I call mainly because I felt like I was a ahead pre flop and the way the board ran out. He shows A9 suited. My AJ is good. I feel like if he had a hand he would have played it a little more standard and gone for value on the turn. At the river he couldn't show down.

Did you know?
In November 2010, Peter Eastgate put his main event bracelet up for auction on eBay with a starting bid of $16,000. It eventually sold for $147,500 and he donated the money to UNICEF.

Blueberries, Brain Food?
In 2006, Jamie Gold won the largest prize in WSOP main event history, a staggering $12 million. He was observed several times on television, during his WSOP title run, eating blueberries by the bowl full. He credited the blueberries for playing a part in the championship, calling them his ‘brain food.’

Poker Quotes

"I don't have a gambling problem, I'm addicted to sitting in semi-circles."
- Mitch Hedberg

Smelling a Steal!

Hey High Rollers, this hand came down a weak ago. A young player to my right announced early that he does not chop the blinds when folded to. This was good to know for a hand that came up a few hours later.
$3-$5 NLHE Full Ring
Everybody folds to the button on my right. I am in the small blind. The button raises to $15. Immediately I smell a blind steal given what I know about this player. I look down at AJ. I decide not to re-raise here. I call. The big blind folds.

Quotable & Notable
“It can be argued that man’s instinct to gamble is the only reason he is not still a monkey up in the trees.”
— Mario Puzo

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