Puff, Puff, Fold - Marijuana and Poker

As marijuana becomes front page news across the country, lets take a look at how this too can effect your bankroll. I will start by saying that I am pro "responsible" use of marijuana. And as I am sure we can argue for days factually about both sides of this issue, in the interest of this article we will make a few "assumptions":
1. The player legally possesses marijuana.
2. The player is legally using marijuana.
Ok now that we have that straight, lets look at why we are here to play poker:
1. Have fun, blow off steam (not tilt), hang out with friends. Well then, have fun! There are numerous occassions people include things that are intoxicating. And most of them impair thinking and judgement. At this point, we are getting into personal choice and it is not my job to tell you what you can and can't do. That is what our government is for :-) 
2. Now lets look at the professional side of this coin. If you are playing poker and your purpose is to make money, the most powerful weapon you have is your brain. 
"Anything you do to limit your ability to make wise, judicious decisions is counter productive". Drugs, alcohol, stress, lack of sleep, etc. 
"Anything you do to limit your ability to make wise, judicious decisions is counter productive" to you and your bankroll.
No I am not high. Yes, I know I said that twice. It is important, remember it!
Do what you want on your own time, but THIS time belongs to your business. Why would you not give your best every time your businesses finances are at risk?
I will not argue the legality, morality, effects, or ethics of mairjuana. What I will argue is that if you want to be a profitable poker player, you must conduct yourself and your thought process as a professional business person. You are putting your businesses finances at risk and as with any business if you do that poorly, too often you will go broke.

Lucky Flops & Safe Rivers My Friends,
Scott Dinsmore

February 27, 2014

10 Questions w/ 'The Chainsaw' 

Allen Kessler
- Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
- Lives in Las Vegas, NV
- Playing poker full time since 2005
- Life time earnings of $2,694,694 live & $35,942 online.

​RSD: How did you start playing poker on a professional level?

Allen: I would go to home games on Monday nights and win.

RSD:  What is your favorite poker game?

Allen: Stud8 & Omaha8

RSD:  What is your favorite poker room?

Allen: The Borgata now but it was the Taj for many years prior to that.

RSD:  What percentage of cash games versus tournaments do you play?

Allen: I play 95% Tournaments & 5% Cash games.

RSD:  What is your most memorable poker experience?

Allen: Being heads up three times for a W.S.O.P. bracelet.  

RSD:  What is the most notable change you have seen in poker?

Allen: The addition of re-entries.

RSD: What is the most notable change you would like to see in poker?

Allen: The removal of reentries.

RSD:  What is the best piece of poker advice you ever received?

Allen: Play in position.

RSD:  What poker player do you admire most and why?

Allen: Phil Ivey, he has mastered every game.

RSD:  Not including poker what do you enjoy doing the most?

Allen: Casino gambling!

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