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Top 5 Dirty Angles at the Commerce

The $5-$10NL game ($400 Cap Buy In and $500-$1500 Variable Buy In) at Commerce Casino is known for a lot of things. Unfortunately, it's also known as being some what dirty. It isn't that this stuff happens all of the time. But it does happen.

Here are the top five dirty angles.
5. Short Change. This happens when a cheater identifies a lazy apathetic dealer. They will splash their chips into the pot when they call. Typically it is short by 1 or 2 chips. But they will insist it was a full call. Some dealers catch it, some don't. It's probably one of the lamest nickel and dime cheats.
4. My Turn. This is when the cheater is in position. He will act first on the flop (out of turn) knowing his bet is not binding to get a reaction out of the opponent. Often times this is to block a bet and get a free card. If the opponent sees him trying to bet and he has a good hand, he might check, at which point the cheater will check behind.
3. Chip Palming. This is when a player plays hide and seek with big chips. The game is played with $5 and $100 chips. Stacks can vary a few hundred dollars when players hit or miss their draws. The obvious move is when a player misses their draw and their hands immediately go off the table into their pockets. It happens quickly like a magic trick.
2. Buddy Buddy. This move is when two guys are playing from the same bank role. It's like a two man squeeze play. The two players will sit next to each other and the move happens when they are in the Big Blind and Under the Gun. The UTG player will open for a standard raise for $40 or so. If three or four people call, and nobody three bets, the Big Blind will squeeze by shoving. Everybody will fold. The logic is if nobody three bet to protect their hands, they don't have a hand that can call a huge bet.
1. The Announcement. This move happens on the river when a guy has a big hand. He will announce a big bet and then retract it saying he meant something smaller. He'll then try to make a scene to induce the other players to enforce the binding bet. His goal is to look reluctant to put the money in and get the floor man to come over. When the floor man arrives he will explain in a way that he fully knows the floor man will force him to place the large bet into the pot. This will get called light given the act. The cheater will then turn over the nuts and laugh like an idiot.

(Nik Low is a cash game professional who plays regularly at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, the largest poker room in the world.)

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