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From the Mundane to the Craps!

It's the table game a fever pitch!

From the Mundane to Craps

If you ever visit a busy land-based casino, you will soon realize that one table game in particular will be the one with the players shouting and the energy around the table at a fever pitch. That table game is called Craps. Without a doubt, Craps offers gamblers a unique gambling experience. The action is fast and furious with dollars flowing back and forth at speeds a mortal man cannot count. 

A lot of online casino players are more than content to sit online for hours and push the spin button on their favorite online slot games. The games come with a few bells and whistles and the occasional bonus game, but at the end of the day, the action is a bit repetitive. Excitement for slots player is hitting the occasional big jackpot or searching for where you can find
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The same could be said of playing online table games like Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat. Think about it for a second. How many betting options and different pay outs do any of these games offer? Sure, Blackjack affords the gambler an opportunity to make an in-game decision, hit or stand. That’s it, hit or stand, plus how much to wager on each hand. 

Baccarat is even more mundane. The amount to wager on three or four wagering options is the total extent of the gambler’s participation. After bets are made, the cards make all the decisions, and the player either collects their winnings or watches that bad dealer sweep their money away. 

Roulette is Roulette. Place your wagers (at least there’s a few different options) and the watch the wheel go round and round and round and round. Plop. Wherever the ball lands determines the fate of the player’s wager(s). It’s difficult to get excited watching the ball up until it lands exactly where the gambler wants. Mundane. 

Most Exciting Game in the Casino

Craps puts the gambler in a whole other world. The table has as many as two dozen different wagering options, wagers the gambler has to make while money and dice are flying around the table. That’s not a literal description regarding online Craps, but the notion is the same. Before pressing the “roll” button, a player has a lot of wagering decisions they need to make. It’s not always easy for a Craps player to keep track of all the money they have spread all about the table. By the way, each wagering option carries different odds, which make it near impossible to know what one’s risk or potential reward is with every roll of the dice.

The real enjoyment of playing online Craps is wrapped up in the speed of the game. It’s hard to resist the temptation to “play the board”, which often results in enormous winnings or equally enormous losses. Either way, the speed of the game is addictive. The online version is controlled by the gambler, but just the same, they are likely to play fast and furious.

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