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Love The Darts?

We provide some dynamite darts content on our youtube channel! 


Dan Booth Interview

(Left) Bullseye or Treble 20? Terrific Q&A w/ Dan Booth of Soft Tip Central UK!

Russ Bray Interview

(Right) "Everybody Knows the 180!" Epic Q&A w/ Russ Bray, PDC Referee & Caller!

Charlie Gray Interview

(Left) THE BOSS! Terrific Q&A w/ Charlie Gray about #Darts, Duzza & Autism Awareness!


Harry Butcher Interview

(Right) Online Darts League Champ! Q&A w/ Harry Butcher: #Darts, Demolition Man & the Worlds in #Gibraltar!


2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

Rob Maul Interview

Mental Health & Darts! Q&A w/ The SUN's Rob Maul


Darts Anyone?

Stand Up If You Love the Darts!

High Roller Radio interviews some of the biggest names and most recognizable faces in the world of professional darts. 

Harvey Stringer Interview

Autism & Darts! Q&A w/ 10-Year Old Harvey Stringer & His Mom Clare!


Max McLaughlin Q&A

PRACTICE to the MAX! Terrific Interview w/ the JDCs Max Mclaughlin!