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Sometimes, even the sultry rooms in a casino can distract the croupier from counting cards. There are some other factors as well, like the weather, which can have an effect on a dealer’s health. The player, now able to distract the dealer by making him feel uncomfortable, can freely count cards and earn profit. You can ask him questions, put him off, mae him think of others things while he's pitching you the cards. For instance, ask him how much you would win by making a non-standard box bet. You will have to limit chatter, at times, to prevent yourself from being blamed for distracting the dealer.

Some players make box bets of different value chips and place the smallest chips on top. The Dealer may not think the bet is big and, as a result, may subconsciously ease up on you, the player.

How Often do Casino Dealers Make Mistakes and Why?

To find the suitable place to play in casino one has to study how often and why do the blackjack dealers make mistakes. Dealers can make mistakes in Live Casino online (i.e. casinos where dealers shuffle cards and host the gaming process). More info about such facilities is available at

When the dealer makes mistakes, the player has an even further chance of catching him in the act. The odds of spotting such mistakes have just increased. Here are some examples, where the probability of the mistake is higher:

* Play when the dealer just started to work. In this case he isn’t just in work mood and thinks of other things so the probability of the mistake increases;

* Play when the dealer closes up his shift. This is an opposite case and the croupier will be tired after the long shift and his level of attention will lower;
* Play with a new deck. If the cards are plastic, the new deck will be slippery and some beginners have difficulties in managing it.
* Play with an old deck. If the cards are carton, they start to stick to each other. The croupier will try to follow the cards more than he follows the game.
* Increase the playing tempo. If you’re one on one, you’re able to increase the tempo of game. However, try not to lose the hands out of sight because of the high tempo of the game.

How Often & Why Do Casino Dealers Make Mistakes?

What You Should Know Before Choosing Your Home for Online Blackjack...

​He may even let you win, your small bet in comparison with the other boxes. You can also collect the bet of different chips to complicate the payout for the dealer.

Tricks of the Trade?

There is a trick when 12 points are at box. Keep in mind, this only works when you have three or more cards. Ask the dealer to deal you ten as a joke and he might actually think you really have 21, should that ten appear. You can use this trick on any number should you have many cards: just vefbally request a card, one that would give you 22, and the dealer might think you have 21. A mistake! Subsequently, you're getting paid on a losing bet.

Another psychological trick is a simple happy smile. Even when you lose a hand, smile widely, or scream with happiness, and he just may pay you on your behaviour. Such a trick works even with experienced dealers due to psychology. Pay attention, that's the key! There's nothing better than the dealer shipping you some chips when you just busted with 22!

Methods of Distraction?

Some players even have the ability to annoy some dealers, on purpose, distracting them from the game through the smell of tobacco or garlic. In those cases, some dealers will try to speed through the hand, finish the play with your box as quickly as possible to make the stench go away. When the rapidity of the ame increases, more mistakes happen.

One mistake made by dealers is they simply forget the cards after cutting the deck. Sometimes the cards stays outside of the shoe. Do NOT tell the dealer about this. Sometimes, the entire deck is out before he remembers these cards. This is very advantageous to a card counter.


Dealer can make mistake in payouts as well. If you’ve noticed that he made a mistake in your favor, don’t touch it and should he make another mistake on payout, you’ll get more than you should have. Such an approach is for usage of not only in blackjack but also in some other games. Even in roulette, the dealer is able to pay more on the bet if it stays at the same place without moving.

Nevertheless, don’t try to hard to provoke a dealer’s mistake. This can attract more attention to you and spoil your reputation at the casino. After casinos assess you in this way, it'll et tougher for you the player. Only the best and the most experienced dealers will be sent towards you. Pit bosses and experienced inspectors might pay you a visit, sit beside you at the table, and try to distract you. You can take advantage dealer mistakes but it's only a small part of the basic strategy. Good strategy, coupled with these simple techniques, can help you wiin without losing your face.

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