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Dr. Nick & the Hot Aussie Chick Podcast

Breaking through their normal barrier and out the pros and cons of the bright light and high life, Dr. Nick & the Hot Aussie share their unique insights into the gmbling world. Plagued or blessed with a life of sex, drugs, alcohol, hookers or the odd snort of coke with a hundred dollar bill - all these can be the signs of, or making of, mental health issues in the gaming industry, right? 

Are you praying for the high life or praying to escape it? We either wish for it or, wish for it to go away. In this episode we discuss the likes of many of the greatest players in the world.... and like many today, how they go about handling the mental health aspects of professional gambling. Are you at risk, are you one of these, are you loving or hating it and will gambling life highs be your next big win be your ultimate destruction?

It’s just like the movies, or is it?

Sex, Drugs And...

Dr.Nick & the Hot Aussie Chick

"Are you praying for the high life? Or praying to escape it?"