Another thing that has come a long way and has improved vastly over the last few years are the slots, these games started as simple 3 reel, just spinning and stopping, match 2 or three to win. Now they are very complex with multireel functions, win left and right, up to 60 win lines available on some slots, not to mention the bonus features and free spins you can accumulate. The animation and visuals I think are the biggest and most noticeable difference from the early casinos. The online casinos today are so advanced and the graphics so clear, the next big thing will be video slots and VR slots. As technology grows so will the industry looking for the next big fix!

Attracting Players in an Online World

As there are so many online casinos, hundreds of them which seem to be all very like one another, how do you choose the one you want to play? Also, if you have never played online casino before, what are you going to experience, what do you do? How does it all work? These are all questions that go through the mind of an online casino virgin. Online casinos have devised a plan to try and conquer this, as every casino will have a “welcome Bonus” for all new players that sign up, this means you can grab yourself a bundle of free spins on selected slots and normally to accompany that you also get one or several deposit match bonuses, meaning you can play with more than you started. Some casinos offer free spins with no deposit required, meaning you get to play for free to try out the casino to see if it’s the right fit for you. This can make it a simpler task of choosing your new online casino home.

What’s in Store for the Future?

As already mentioned the online casinos of today follow the rapid growth of the world's technology and uses it to its own advantage, creating a better and more enjoyable player experience, try to be the guys on top. This will never change and in the very near future we will see VR (virtual reality) it may take off in a big way and be incorporated into online gambling. Who knows what the future will hold, maybe holographic casinos where you play by touching the air, in the form of a wrist watch! Maybe one day. 

So, in all we have seen the incredible journey of online casinos in a short space of time, but it’s only going to get bigger and better as time goes on, and it’s exciting to think what will be developed next to give us a better experience and to entice us to join one of the many online casinos promising us the next big win! ​

Technology and Gaming

From the early casinos, back in the nineties to the casinos you see these days, WOW what a difference. Online casinos have come such a long way in a short amount of time, and continually developing and changing day to day. As the world's technology develops and becomes more complex, so do online casinos. What is offered today was only dreamed about back in 1994. Along with this, sports betting was also introduced online with the first ever online bed being made by a Finnish guy back in early 1996, and since then it became available on WAP assisted mobiles, remember them? So, you could make you footy bet or even on the fillies from where ever you had a signal. Today sports betting is very different with many tools and apps enabling the online bookmakers to lure in the potential for betting anywhere, on anything and in many ways.

The Evolution of Online Gaming

How Technology's Spawned a Move from Brick & Mortar Casinos to Online Gaming & Created a Billion Dollar Industry Worldwide!

​"What was once known as the one-armed bandit has been reborn as the online slot machine."

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The Evolution of Online Gaming

Online casino today is a Huge Billion Dollar business around the globe, but it only started a few years ago, 24 years to be precise back in 1994 in the Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda. In which they passed the “Free Trade & Processing Act” which allowed gambling licences to be granted to companies wanting to open an online casino. Also, in 1994 saw the release of the first genuine fully functional gambling software available to operators of budding online casinos, by an Isle of man based Software development company called Microgaming. Which is today one of the leaders in the industry. Then on top of that, a company called CrytoLogic developed an online security system to handle safe online transactions and was snatched up by the first online casinos. This was the birth of Online gambling as we know it today.  

Gaining Momentum

Then from there, it was inevitable that this was going to be popular, but probably not as popular or as lucrative as it is today. So in 1996 was the year we saw the creation of the “Kahnawake Gaming Commission”, which was designed to regulate all online gaming activity from the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake in Canada. Issuing gaming licences to many of the world's online casinos. This was to oversee and keep the operations of “licensed online gambling organisations” i.e. Casinos to be fair and as transparent as possible.

Nowadays it's not so easy to gain a licence for an online casino from just any country, as there are lots of laws and restrictions in place in every nation around the world. Many online casinos have their bases in just a few locations where the licences can be granted and they are then able to operate hassle free.

The Move from Land-based to Online Games

Land Based casinos and card games have been popular for a very long time, as they were so popular are what spurred the creation of the online casino. In the beginning saw a new wave of online games but also the land based classic games made their way online. What was once known as the one-armed bandit which was reborn to the online slot machine. All the classic slots can be found online from the reeling bars to the noughts and crosses games everyone enjoyed. As well as the slots there were also the classic card games of poker and blackjack brought to life in online casinos in the form of table games in poker rooms. Which meant you didn’t have to sneak off to the casino to get your fix, you were now able to play poker from the comfort and privacy of a desktop computer. This was huge and became so popular as it turned into the Poker Phenomenon you see today. 

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