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Bingo Thepry?

What is the 'Bingo Theory Relationship?'

Bingo Thepry?

What is the 'Bingo Theory Relationship?'

Stacy Acey Baby!
Q&A with Stacy Matuson about the WSOP & her run ins with William Kassouf.

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Q: Oh, it’s destined to happen. We’re going to have a few beers, gamble it up and win some big money.

F&A: I can guarantee everything, aside from the winning part. 

Q: Before we talk about your recent trip to Vegas, I was running down your twitter profile today, @FacesAndAcesLV, and what’s this about you being the king of all media? Are you on twitter live now?

F&A: Twitter Live was a strange experiment I tried to do when I was out in Las Vegas. We had a high limit slot pull, a group pull, so there was myself with about 12 to 14 other people in the room, as well as a few people who paypal’d me money in advance. I’m not sure if that’s even legal to admit. We pooled our money. We did a group, high-limit, slot pull and we broadcast that live on twitter. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite go the way we wanted but it was still a lot of fun.

Q: I know you spent a lot of time at the slot machines on your recent trip. Was that for charity or was it just for kicks?

F&A: That was for kicks. Basically, we went down there on a trip called Ocean’s 14XL. The trip originated with two people; Mitch and Kev from the Tipping the Odds Las Vegas podcast, and we met up with our friend Doug, who also has a blog called 
epicesquire.com. A few other people also wanted to go and slowly this thing just snowballed into some sort of event. We coined the phrase 'Oceans14XL' on twitter and we just ran with it. About 20 people met up that weekend in Vegas.

Q: Seems like you Las Vegas podcasters all stick together, the community is pretty strong and that you’ve built quite a network of friends there?

F&A: That is one of the nice things about doing a podcast that I never would have anticipated; the friendships you make from going to events like Ocean’s 14XL, or the 360 Vegas vacations, or the summit put on by the Nerve Society. It’s a whole bunch of people of like minds, who enjoy the city, who love everything about the city, whether it be the gambling, the food, the drinking or the camaraderie. We all just have a really good time together, so I’m a really big fan of these group gatherings.

Q: When I talk to you, you sound pretty sane. I must question that sanity when you talk about slot machines because you know the odds my friend? Why slots? Why not a red or black gamble at the roulette wheel?

F&A: The group pull is always a fun thing to do. I think you are 100% correct, if we were to do this again perhaps red or black might be the way to go. There’s something about slot machines where it’s a prolonged experience. It was one of the events that was on the itinerary, so we wanted to make it last for a good 10 to 15 minutes. It was something where we could all ride the roller coaster together, maybe get a couple of bonus games, and, at the end of the day, I think we all knew we were going to lose. We were throwing our money away for about 20 minutes of enjoyment but here’s always that hope, that little bit of hope, that you’re going to hit the progressive, which by the way we did witness on this trip. Not someone from out group, but we just happened to be at Paris when someone hit the $1.2 million slot progressive. It was pretty phenomenal. At first, she didn’t know what happened. The machine went dark except for one little bar at the bottom that said ‘Progressive $1.2 million.’

Q: You talk about that anticipation of the group pull, that’s part of the fun of gambling in Vegas. The group atmosphere? I mean our family does it up at the craps table and we expect to lose. It’s fun.

F&A: Absolutely. We had a set budget, everyone contributed $50 to the pull and it was a lot of fun. It was a roller coaster of emotion. Just the anticipation of the wheel’s lining, everyone being disappointed together when you lose, everyone being excited together when you win a little something. It’s mostly for the camaraderie and the slight hope of a big pay. It’s that bonding experience you remember, whether you’ve won or lost, because the next time you go to Vegas, and run into those people, you have that running joke of, ‘Boy, we suck!’ 

Q: Lots of great stuff @FacesAndAcesLV, it’s a great follow, and the website, facesandaceslv.com, has a lot of great stuff too. The latest podcast, Episode 40, from October 23rd, titled “I get Around.” This is fascinating. You take a look at getting around on the strip, we’re talking busses, cabs, ride sharing, and it’s never been easier right?

F&A: It is getting easier getting around in Vegas with so many options, especially since ride sharing opened that up. However, there are ups and downs to the different options on the strip. For example, I prefer to take cabs when I go to Vegas just because the cab drivers typically know where they’re going, it’s a well lit area where you can pick-up a cab, you’re amongst a group of people, as opposed to ride share, where typically it’s the side or the back of the casino in a dark alley. I’ve had experiences where ride share people have driven by me several times and they pretend they’re still on their way. I’ve had a frustrating experience. A lot of other people have had a good experience with ride share. There are so many different options and we explore that in this episode, which is a two parter. Part 2 should be coming out soon.

Q: So, you’re saying take a cab versus your own vehicle?

F&A: It really depends on A) how much you drink on your trips and B) if you’re willing to pay for the parking at the different casinos.

Q: Right, because the money you spend on a cab you have to put it down for parking now anyway. Vegas is changing right?

F&A: Absolutely and unless you can find a way out of paying for parking it probably makes sense just to fly in and cab or ride share it. You can take the bus as well, or even the monorail, which I’m a big fan of.

Q: How has Vegas changes for you overt the years, aside form the fact all of the giant corporation hotel and casinos are nickel and diming people nowadays? I know when you go on these trips you really pack it in?

F&A: I tend to over plan for my trips. That way I’m never at a loss for something to do. The way my trips have changed over the years is I’ve slowly become less of a gambler and more of a person who enjoys experiences. I like going with groups of friends, sitting at a bar with a great view and just have a nice conversation. Playing group games, like a group slot pull, slot races, or slot golf. Things that extend your budget a little bit further. Every so often I’ll sneak away and do my own madman gambling, so as to not intrude on the group time. The strip has changed quite a bit. I’ll be honest with you, I’m just at the tipping point. I’m not sure I will continue to enjoy Vegas because it has changed from what I truly enjoyed in the past.

Q: It is getting that bad then? Every time I go there’s a new charge here, a new charge there, and I’m like, ‘This is expensive!'

F&A: It’s not necessarily the expense, it’s the impact it has on me mentally. I used to feel like Vegas was this great place of pure freedom and you could just let go. Now, it feels like I’m going there where I have to watch my wallet and be aware of what the charges are to the left of me and to the right of me. To me that’s an unpleasant experience.

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Faces & Aces Podcast

Interview with Chris, the Host

Full audio of this chat HERE

Alright High Rollers, great to have this guy back. He's a good friend of the show and, although we’ve never met face to face, I know we’d hit it off and perhaps one day we’ll do Las Vegas together like its meant to be done. What happens in Vegas ends up on his podcast. He lives in California but has a deep love affair with sin city. The podcast is Faces & Aces Las Vegas and this guy is the host. Chris welcome back man, thanks for being our High Roller today.

F&A: It’s great to be back and that meeting is definitely going to to happen.

Julius Popwell
Julius Oral "Little Man" Popwell is one of the most famous poker players from the first half of the 20th century.   A five card stud specialist, Powell is a member of the Poker Hall of Fame.  Despite his nickname, Popwell weighed more than 300 pounds while standing just 5'6" tall. The nickname "Little Man" actually came from his prowess in billiards when he was a teenager because he could regularly beat men over twice his age.

Fun Facts:
* Cost of Nevada marriage license, $35
* Average cost of filing for divorce in Nevada, $450
* Amount of Nevada land owned by the federal government, 87%.

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Faces & Aces Las Vegas Interview

High Roller Radio has interviewed some of the greatest gamblers, casino insiders, sports bettors, authors and poker players. Here is our Q&A with Chris, host of the very popular Faces & Aces Las Vegas podcast at facesandaceslv.com. We discuss everything Las Vegas, including the best modes of transit for getting around on the strip, a group slot machine pull & the tragic events of Octoer 1st, 2017, the night of that deadly mass shooting.