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The main rules of self-control:

* The main rule is that the game has to be built according to the bankroll. The size of bankroll of the opponents s important as well. Just imagine that you have a small bankroll and your opponent keep the big amount at the table hoping to win soon. You will get tons of pressure and will be crushed. Bankroll management is a very important set of rules, you have to remember it well.

* Full attention focus at the table. By learning the manner of play of other players at the table one is able to predict their actions in a certain moment. Playing at two or more tables simultaneously and chatting with a friend or make some side job makes you losing focus, and therefore losing the bankroll and full loss.

* Choose the time for play that it is suitable for you. You have to be sure no one will interfere the process of your play.

* Don’t start playing if you drank alcohol or going to drink alcohol during the process of playing. In those cases, self-discipline and control become less important and you’re left only with gambling spirit and soon the despair of loss will be all you have.

* Before starting to play, define the amount you can afford to lose if you get unlucky. As practice shows, losing a half of the bankroll usually means you’d better stop playing and make a break.

* After the play, make its analysis and find the mistakes or correct decisions you will use in the future. The experience and practice will do good for you. 

Follow these rules and principles and you will be on your way to success ad good results.

Good luck at the tables!

One of the Keys to Success

in Gambling?

Self Discipline!

Principles of Self-Control in Gambling

When we talk about self-discipline, we must say that it's inherently up to the individual gambler, that ability to take the right action and make the right decision despite your emotional state. Some gamblers can take the heat, pressure and intensity of the moment, even if they're in the midst of a bad run, and still make profitable moves in the casino. Other gamblers cannot. Just like in business, emotional control, focus & mindfulness are key components to success.

Now, self-discipline and emotional control aren’t always necessary – depending on activity. For instance, routine paper work or completing a task you’re 100% certain in. 

Online poker doesn’t approve such an attitude. Many people look for freedom, drive and strong emotions in poker. As a rule, the poker life of the average player is not that long. Why? They can't handle the swings. If your goal in poker is to take the game seriously, make cards your primary source of income and enjoy some freedom in life, it's a must that your emotions stay in check, in control and on an even keel. Self-discipline is the key to success! If you have problems with discipline, we suggest you start working on your poker game by playing some FREE online poker and not the real-money route, by making a deposit from your own savings. Yes, you can claim sign up offers and start playing for free. More info is available

Before sitting at the table, you should have a plan of action for all situations and stay true to that plan. Again, it takes self control and discipline. Such a plan helps, especially at the beginning, to successfully maintain a bankroll during downswings and helps you stay at peak performance after a big, accidental win. 

'Wild Bill' Hickok

*Was killed at the poker table while holding a monster, Aces & 8's, which is still known today as the 'Dead Man's Hand.' The fifth card is still unknown and largely debated. The man who shot him, Jack McCall, was an unsuccessful gambler. The motive for the killing is not known buy some believe McCall felt belittled after Hickok gave him money for breakfast after he had lost his playing cards all night.

Did you know? Hickok was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 1979.

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