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How Do VIP's & High Rollers Wager?

How High Rollers and VIPs Gamble

Gambling is a popular leisure activity in many cultures across the globe, and real money play is the most common kind. In the use of actual cash during gameplay, gamblers spend in varying intensities. Some players can spend as low as a penny in online casinos and five dollars in the brick and mortar ones, while others can take their stakes as high as one million dollars. Gaming software providers develop their games to accommodate this wide range of bets, the biggest mostly being spotted in location-based and
live casinos.

Low rollers and high rollers earn varying treatment in online casinos due to the difference in the stakes they place; this, in turn, affects how the activity is carried out. The gambling experience of a VIP player differs from that of low rollers in more ways that one for most gaming sites. Below is some insight on the gambling habits that surround the placement of hefty stakes:

Played Games

Casino games are developed in numerous types to serve different gaming needs, and new options are introduced on the regular. These games are distinct in many ways such as their design, odds, and stake limits. High rollers tend to lean towards baccarat more than any other set in both the online and offline platform, even though most elements of the entertainment business associate big spenders with games like blackjack, roulette, and poker.

HIt Me Baby!

Baccarat has earned such massive popularity because it carries one of the lowest house edges that sometimes goes below one percent. Additionally, despite being a card game, baccarat has a simple gameplay procedure that is accommodating to both new and experienced players. During gameplay, all one has to do is stake on either the player or the banker depending on who they think will end up with a card value closer to nine before the dealer. The rules are simple to comprehend, and the results of the game are produced fast. 

In Macau alone, VIP baccarat is responsible for sixty percent of the revenue generated from hefty stakes. Regular baccarat comes in second accounting for thirty percent, while slots and other table games contribute four and six percent respectively. 


House Edges

High rollers and VIP players are of more value to a gambling destination than players who are limited to low and medium stakes. Therefore, big spenders are given better playing rules than others to entice them into spending even more money. One of the biggest charming tricks is lowering the house edge for such players. This practice is especially popular in brick and mortar casinos with their table games options. For instance, the house edge in
SLS Las Vegas Casino for blackjack is one point five four, and the minimum bet allowed is ten dollars. In Treasure Island, the minimum stake is raised to one hundred dollars per hand, but the house edge sinks to an impressive point two six percent. This difference in RTP rates extends to other sets like poker, roulette, and craps. 

Personalized Tables

In gambling capitals such as Las Vegas and Macau, players that spend big get their own reserved tables, and sometimes they can be placed in private areas of the establishments. These reserved tables get their own chips that track the spending of cash, and can later be exchanged for cash. 

High Rollers!

Since the rise of live casinos, the same can be enjoyed on the web as well. VIP players can choose to play in reserved tables that accommodate high limits only but at the comfort of their desired location. However, the stake limits in online casinos do not go as high as those of location-based entities, which accommodate as much as two-million-dollar stakes. 

Strategy Exploitation

Most high rollers spend their money on table games due to the accommodation of skill application to win. With high money limits,
VIP players have the freedom to explore how well several strategies apply during gameplay. One of the most preferred by this kind of punters is the Martingale Strategy of roulette. This strategy dictates that one place an outside bet and doubles it each time they encounter a loss. That way, when a win comes by, players return all their wagered cash along with a small profit. The main con with this strategy is that it demands an infinite bankroll to ensure that bets can be doubled comfortably each time a loss is encountered without losing everything if the losing streak is long. 

Since high rollers get better casino privileges, they get to exploit high betting limits that allow the doubling of bets to as high as three hundred thousand dollars, and there is a high chance returns will have clocked in by the time such a bet is being placed. 

Transaction limits

In a bid to make gambling entities more accommodating to high spenders, most casinos allow high deposit and withdrawal limits for them. In most cases, a VIP scheme is used to determine those who get this high roller privilege. The higher the level one is in, the better the cash transfer limits. Players can move through the levels by collecting player points, making a payment, or by invitation from the casino management. Whichever the criteria, enjoying this upside dictates that one to be a high roller. Big deposits and withdrawals can also be accompanied by faster processing periods that last only a few hours for the latter.


The gambling practices of the high rolling class in the gambling community differ from that of low and medium rollers. Such players should sift through numerous gaming sites to settle on one that has their best interests at heart. 

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