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What Would do with £121 Million?

Win the lottery? What's next? Would you invest, spend it on luxury Items or buy 39 million Big Macs?

What You Could Buy with a £121 Million Lottery Win

So, recently there was a winner of the EuroMillions lottery who managed to win a colossal £121 million off a single ticket. For any intrepid gamblers out there, the sheer rush of envy at such an incredible win will likely have you gritting your teeth for a while, but once you’ve calmed down by landing some wins at the
best online casino for you, let’s see if we can’t think of a few fun ways you could spend that money if you’d been the lucky one.

Nu couché (sur le côté gauche)

Probably not the best way to immediately blow nearly your entire jackpot, this artwork by Amadeo Modigliani is expected to sell for somewhere in the region of $150 million which is just about £111 million. I mean, you’d still be incredibly wealthy afterwards with £10 million to your name, but you’d definitely be taking a hit for a single framed piece of art. And yet, tragically, you wouldn’t be able to take your pick of classical art as another piece by the beloved artists recently sold for $170.4M which, sadly, is about £126 million. I know, if only you had just that few extra million…

Nu couché (Sur le côté gauche) by Amedeo Modigliani

Paul Pogba

Assuming you’ll have to go up a bit from the previous bid, you could easily manage to get Paul Pogba signed to your local five-a-side provided you can put up £100M+ to get him there! But once again, you won’t be able to afford to get Neymar or Phillipe Coutinho signed to really round out your squad but one premier league allstar ought to be enough to show your rivals that your team means business! Some might even call that overkill, but if you have £121 million to burn through, you may as well get your five a side friends a healthy win.

Paul Pogba, Manchester United

64 Bugatti Chirons

There’s a lot of cars you can buy with £121 million, we’d estimate you’d be able to afford 64 Bugatti Chirons with a bit of change left over. This might be a little hard though, Bugatti has taken a lot of orders for the Chiron and only plan to make 500- not to mention they only make 70 a year which you’ll be taken about 90% of. With that in mind, it might be worth diversifying your car portfolio to include a few different models. Like maybe a Bentley?

37,931,034 Big Macs?

That’s not with fries, by the way, just the sandwich. But if you have 38 million big macs then you might not have room for a side. Big Macs are actually on the pricy end of the spectrum, if you just got a regular hamburger then it’s more like 135,955,056. Incidentally, McDonalds only expects to sell 91 million big macs in a year so you’d account for a pretty hefty percentage if you spent all of your jackpot on them.

£121 million on Big Macs?

There are other things you could buy like properties, businesses and the like but you can talk to an economist if you want investment decisions, these are the fun options.

Good Luck!

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