High Roller Radio has interviewed some of the most influencial poker players and gamblers in the world, including world champions Greg Raymer, Chris Moneymaker & Tom McEvoy, bracelet winners like Greg Mueller, Tom Schneider & Dutch Boyd, and some of the biggest action junkies ever to make a bet. Legends baby!

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Salomon Ponte Interview

Following his tumultous appearance on Poker Night in America, Salomon 'Hashtag King' Ponte has been banned from nuemroud casinos, poker rooms, otels and twitter! EPIC!

Reid Young Interview

Founder & instructor at PokerSprout.com, Young talks about C-Bets, Donk Bets, the importance of having a game plan and how pros use a 'Tree of Actions' to avoid compoundng mistakes.

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Christopher Womack Interview

Poker player, bar/restaurant owner and cannabis wholesaler, Womack reps realgrinders.com & thedrunkendonk.com and here discusses the poker media, Salomon 'Hashtag King' Ponte & marijuana in poker.Terrific Q&A!

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Abe Limon Interview

@LimonPoker is one of the most polarizing figures in poker today. Opinionated, controversial and hilarious, this long-time cash game pro & commentator SLAMS the Poker Industrial Complex. "Ruining the game!"

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Deborah Vanneste Interview

The Queen of micro stakes grinding! @QueenBee902 has been streaming on Twitch Poker for two years, was one of the first women on the platform, and we spoke to her about it. She is a two-time PokerStars Micro-Millions champion.

Padraig Parkinsn Interview

Irish Legend and Party Poker ambassador, Padraig Parkinson has been on the show multiple times and always provides us great entertainment. One of our favourites. Here, he talks about the ParyPoker Millions, Irsh Open & Dusk Till Dawn Casino.

Mike Sexton & John Duthie answers transcribed HERE

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Salomon Ponte Interview

The 'HashTag King' is one of a kind; loud, outspoken & talented. He's creatng quite a stir on the poker scene and his addition to the Poker Night in America line-up has rubbed some people the wrong way. What does he say about that? "Stop being bitches!"

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Zachary Elwood Interview

The author of the 'poker tell' trilogy Reading Poker Tells, Verbal Poker Tells & Exploiting Poker Tells talks to us about his latest book, psychology and behaiour at the poker table. What about false tells?

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