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Bad Beat!

A gambler in Delaware ran scorching hot in an NFL parlay to kick-off the 2014 season, until losing the last game. He fell just short of turning $5 into $100,000. He correctly picked 14 straight games (against the spread) and just needed the Colts to beat the Eagles by more than a field goal. The Colts were winning 17-6 at halftime, but ended up losing 30-27. Can you say ouch?

Called 'Big Wheel' McNeil

Canadian Bacon Baby! Calen McNeil can play Omaha Hi/Lo with the best of them. In 2013, he captured his first ever bracelet in Event #38, and followed it up the following year with a 4th in the same event.

Michael Craig

Greatest Poker Book Ever? Author Michael Craig, The Professor, the Banker & the Suicide King, discusses the richest poker game of all-time, the match between billionaire banker Andy Beal and a group of legendary Las Vegas pros calling themselves, 'The Corporation.'

Paul "Cigar" McKinney

This 80 year old won a World Series of Poker bracelet in 2005, taking down the Seniors Event. The only person older to win a bracelet is Johnny Moss. On McKinney's bio sheet, he listed his hobbies as "moonshine, cigars and young women."

Dutch Boyd

3-Time WSOP Bracelet Winner. Great interview with a poker star! Dutch Boyd has three bracelets to his name, an indelible hand against world champ Chris Moneymaker in 2003, his own live stream on Twitch and a new book, Poker Tilt, where he discusses his ups and downs, in life and poker.

Eric Bruskotter

Major League II & III. Eric Bruskotter is an actor known for Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and Major League 2 & 3. He is a cash game regular at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles and simply loves poker. "Hollywood Home Games are Lame," he says. Great chat.

"Poker & Gambling Interviews"

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Maria Ho

Poker Central Live. This popular poker player has appeared on the Amazing Race, been the 'Last Woman Standing' in the WSOP main event three times, and now has her own show on Twitch, Poker Central Live with Maria Ho. She has won more than $3 million playing tournament poker. Terrific Q&A.

THE Fed-Ex Gamble
It’s one of the biggest brands in the world but it wouldn’t be if not for the risky play of its founder and CEO. More than 40 years ago, 1971, Frederick W. Smith, invested his own fortune, somewhere in the area of $4 million, and an additional $90 million in capital to start an unknown delivery company designed to change to world by allowing people and businesses to ship overnight anywhere in the world. At the time, it was a unique service that nobody else was offering, a grand idea. Just three years in the business was in trouble – a lot of trouble. Rising fuel costs put the company on the brink of bankruptcy, with losses of more than $1 million a month. At its lowest, FedEx had a measly $5,000 in the bank account, not nearly enough to fuel the planes come the new work week Monday. So, Smith jetted off to Las Vegas with his company’s entire bankroll in tow. Talk about a gamble! Smith, silently and discreetly, headed to the blackjack tables in an effort to not only beat the house but save the company as well. The Gambling Gods must have needed overnight service because by Monday morning the company bank account indicated a $32,000 balance, just enough to gas the planes and keep the entire operation afloat for a few more days. By 1976, the company showed its first profit, $3.6 million, and within four years made $40 million. Today, FedEx is reportedly worth between $25 and $35 billion. When his own management asked what he was thinking, risking company funds to play blackjack, Smith replied, “it didn’t make a difference because without the money for fuel for the planes the company couldn't have flown anyway."

Alec Torelli

High Stakes Cash Game Killer. Alec Torelli is one of the best cash game players on the planet, period. He is a regular in the big games in Macau, Poker Night in America and his credentials speak volumes. Just follow the money, he does.

Transcript of this Interview HERE

High Roller Radio has interviewed some of the most influencial poker players and gamblers in the world, including world champions Greg Raymer, Chris Moneymaker & Tom McEvoy, several bracelet winners like Greg Mueller, Tom Schneider & Dutch Boyd, and some of the biggest action junkies ever to make a bet. Legends baby.

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Randy Lew

Known worldwide as Nanonoko, thanks in large part to his live stream on Twitch Poker, Lew is a very successful multi-table genius. He can play 24 tables at once, and win. He is also a member of the Hong Kong Stars of the Global Poker League.

Transcript of portions of this Q&AHERE

Greg FBT Mueller

Double Bracelet Winner. Hearing the national anthem play at the Rio was truly a thrill for this former professional hockey player turned poker shark. He won two bracelets in the same year and is regarded as one of the fiercest cash game players the world.