Griffin Benger

Close to &8 million won! Griffin Benger has had his ups and downs in poker. Winner of the $1 million PokerStars Shark Cage, a wnner on the EPT, and 7th in the WSOP main event. We spoke to him months before his big score at the Rio in 2016. HRR Mojo? At the time, he had taken a break from the game to concentrate of play-by-play with the Global Poker League, alongside fellow pro Sam Grafton. Terrific chat with a true poker shark!

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Poker Quotes

"I love poker but greatness in poker is an elusive dream. There are too many variants. Trying to find validation in poker is like trying to find a virgin in a whorehouse. I'm not giving up poker entirely – gambling is an addiction after all. I'm just going to treat it more like a hobby and less like a career."
 - Jennifer Tilly (Future guest?)

"It's Better than an Oscar."
- Jennifer Tilly
, after winning her first bracelet in 2005, capturing the Ladies Championship.

Game of Skill in India
Poker is a game of skill in India! The Indian Poker Association (IPA), had filed petitions before the High Court of Karnataka.  The court eventually came to the conclusion that poker is a game of skill and that card clubs don’t have to have a license to offer such games to players, whether amateurs or professionals.
In other words, it sided with the IPA! Of course it's a game of skill. 

High Roller Radio has interviewed some of the most influencial poker players and gamblers in the world, including world champions Greg Raymer, Chris Moneymaker & Tom McEvoy, several bracelet winners like Greg Mueller, Tom Schneider & Dutch Boyd, and some of the biggest action junkies ever to make a bet. Legends baby.

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Chris Moneymaker

2003 World Champion, the man who changed everything! Great Q&A with the 2003 world champ as he discusses his place in poker history, the World Series of Poker, his new live stream on Twitch TV and his team, the Las Vegas Moneymakers of the Global Poker League. 

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Max Pescatori

4-Time WSOP Bracelet Winner! This Italian poker ambassador & legend spoke to us after a heads-up victory in the Global Poker League, where he captains the Rome Emperors. Pescatori has proven himself at the World Series of Poker, where he has won four bracelets, two in 2015, including the $10,000 world championship of Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo. he has won more than $4 million lifetime and is destined for the Poker Hall of Fame!

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2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

Ronnie Bardah

WSOP Bracelet & Record Holder. Ronnie set the poker world abuzz for five consecutive cashes in the main event, a WSOP record. He talks to us about Muay Thai, his epic hand against Miss Finland on Shark Cage, his bracelet and, of course, his deep runs in the main event.

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Zachary Elwood

Reading Poker Tells. Zach Elwood is a friend of High Roller Radio. He's be a guest three times now. This, his most recent Q&A (2016), where he discusses physical and verbal poker tells and his two books on the subject. Great info.

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David Chicotsky

'The Maven' David Chicotsky has won more than $2 million dollars playing poker and he is one of the best instructors the game has to offer. Here, he discusses his coaching strategy, the thousands of tournaments he's played and the #1 mistake in poker.

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Gambler Wins, Then Craps Out For Good!

Pamela Brunson

Daughter of a Legend. Pamela Brunson has the poker name - Brunson - but she also has some poker game too! Daughter of a legend, Doyle Brunson, who literally wrote the book on poker, Pamela has an interesting take on poker life, growing up in Las Vegas and learning the do's and dont's of poker herself. Did you know? The Brunsons' are Christians.

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Chris Tryba

Straight Flush to Win Bracelet!​ Christopher Tryba was involved in one of the most epic hands in WSOP history. Heads-up for the bracelet against Canadian Erick Cajelais, Tryba rivered a straight flush and all the money went in. Final hand! It has to be a WSOP first.

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