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Although it's too early to tell, there are certainly possibilities. For example, players that navigate to 32Red.com and start flipping cards at the blackjack table or spinning the roulette wheel will now the frustration that can come when you have to move a bet slider up and down. Although developers have worked hard to make the process as simple as possible (sometimes you can use the tap method to add chips), it can still be frustrating.

However, if touch force is as accurate as it claims to be then mobile betting in the future could be a pressure game. By pressing the screen in different ways you may be able to add more chips or even swap their value without having to click tiny icons at the bottom of the interface. Moreover, it might also be possible to have different pressures represent different moves, such as stand, split and double down in games such as blackjack.

More Speed, More Opportunities

Indeed, with developers now able to imbue their games with different features and movements based on the pressure exerted on the screen, the genre should now become a lot more complex and, therefore, engaging. Sounds great, right? It is, but what about the mobile casino industry? Could some of the major mobile operators such as 32Red or Paddy Power use the new force touch technology to their advantage?

A New Touch for Mobile Casino Games

Of course, the new iPhone 6S will also have a select of additional features that should help to make it the market leader in the mobile world. Although most of these probably won't be of much interest to mobile casino app developers and players, the upgraded processor should have some positive implications for the industry.

More speed equals better graphics and better graphics mean more possibilities for detail. Although virtual casino games are probably as clear and attractive as they're ever going to be, the new processor could help improve the flow of live dealer casino games.

At the moment the genre is still in its infancy and while developers have been able to squeeze the technology into their apps, it's not always the smoothest connection. Although the speed of your internet connection is the main factor influencing the flow of a game, a Smartphone's processor has a part to play. In fact, the 64-bit A9 chip with M9 could help improve the overall quality of mobile casino gaming for iPhone users in the coming months.

Positive Signs for Mobile Gaming

Naturally, the release of a new iPhone won't affect every online casino player. However, every new Smartphone release is another move forward for mobile technology as a whole and if Apple's latest release is anything to go by then there is a lot to look forward to. Better technology means better casino games and that should mean more fun, more entertainment and money.

The iPhone 6s
New Technology, New Options for Mobile Punters
Apple's latest round of products were announced recently and, as expected, one of the main features users seem to be raving about is the new touch force screens the iPhone 6S will have. Designed to recognize how hard or soft the screen is being touched, the new technology is expected to revolutionize the mobile gaming world.

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Amarillo Slim's Greatest Prop Bets
* Playing Minnesota Fats in one-pocket pool with a broom.
* Taking 21 and 1/2 points on the Jets and Broadway Joe in Super Bowl III.
* Hitting a golf ball a mile on a frozen lake (inspired by Titanic Thompson).
* Betting which sugar cube a fly would land on in an Arkansas jail.
* Out running a horse for a hundred yards (no one ever said anything about the race being straight away. The horse had to stop and turn around and Slim won.)
* Shooting free throws with a football against a Hall of Fame basketball coach.
* Beating Bobby Riggs playing ping pong with a skillet as a paddle.
* Beating a world champion ping pong player with a Coca Cola bottle.
* Rafted down the River of No Return in the winter in a wetsuit and won $31,000 from Jimmy 'The Greek' Snyder.
* Beating Evel Knievel in golf using a carpenter's hammer.
* Betting that two out of 30 cab drivers in Dallas would have the same birthday.