But Russell Grant, a leading astrology expert, says we shouldn’t worry about these finding too much. Grant believes all signs have the potential to be lucky. “The planets are constantly moving,” he assures us. “People will move in and out of lucky phases.” For this reason, some gamblers swear by using daily horoscopes to decide when and what to gamble on, rather than looking at the success of previous punters of the same star sign.

Can You Think Yourself Lucky?

Leading psychologists, on the other hand, argue that luck is not determined by outside forces like planetary positions at all. They’re views are more in line with the Roman philosopher Seneca, who famously said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Dr Richard Wiseman, the author of The Luck Factor: The Four Essential Principals, links good luck with having the right attitude and being ready to take advantage of opportunity. This can be quickly explained using two hypothetical online slot players.

The first slot player starts playing a slot game believing they’re going to win. This optimistic attitude makes them more likely to stay motivated and keep playing until they get lucky. The second slot player looks at a game believing they’ll never win. This negative attitude makes them less likely to continue playing, or even find the motivation to gamble in the first place. Good luck, therefore, doesn’t have the same opportunity to fall upon them.

Those who believe they’re lucky also tend to be less tense or anxious compared to those who believe they’re unlucky. Anxiety is proven to disrupt our ability to notice the unexpected, making it harder to find new opportunities to win. A nervous new player at a blackjack, roulette or sic bo table may make decisions quickly without realising or assessing all the opportunities and potential outcomes available to them, resulting in a bad (and therefore unlucky) bet.

Research also confirmed that more confident people tend to be luckier. Confidence is usually acquired through experience, so getting in some practice and perfecting a good betting strategy is a great way to reduce anxiety and become a more successful gambler.

Feeling Lucky?

So, whilst there are never any guarantees when you place a bet, it seems the best way to become a luckier gambler is to feel positive and confident. And if that strategy doesn’t work out for you, don’t worry. The likes of casino slots and table games can prove great fun even when you’re not winning all the time.

Good Luck at the Tables!

Are You Feeling Lucky Pal?

Are you fortunate at the tables? Is one of your friends a luckier person when gambling? Why?

Lucky or Not: What Makes Some People Luckier Gamblers?

It’s said that some people are born lucky, whilst others make their own luck.

If you’re looking to join the millions of people gambling online – whether it’s on popular
BGO mobile slots like Starburst, sleek virtual tables like All Bets Blackjack and 3D Roulette, or even on horse racing and sporting events – you’re probably wondering what it takes to attract good fortune. Here, we look at how your star sign, your attitude and your ability to take risks can influence how lucky you are as a gambler.

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Can You Thank Your Lucky Stars?

Your zodiac sign (or star sign) is determined by the position of the sun when you were born. Many believe that your star sign reveals a lot about you as a person, including whether you’re inherently lucky.

Virgin Games are online gaming company with a wide selection of casino slot machines. They recently carried out some research into the luckiest and unluckiest star signs. After trawling through their database and checking out players who had won over £1,000 in a single gaming session, they concluded that Aquarius was the luckiest zodiac sign. This was followed by Capricorn, then Taurus and then Gemini. Libras were the least fortune online gamblers at Virgin games, with Sagittarius being only slightly less unfortunate when it came to winning casino games.