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On top of that, when playing on longer tables, the cards weren’t always visible by players seated at different angles.  So, the two decided to create a patent pending product to improve all of that with their All-in-One Texas Holdem’ Poker Tray.   While they felt the tray was a creative concept, their ultimate goal was to build a brand that was unique and edgy, while being recognized as a certain style of play.  While many poker terms have been used and abused for branding purposes, the term MANIAC immediately stood out to them.  

Maniac Poker defines a style that is often used to show guts and fearlessness at the table.  A little inner maniac can go a long way when trying to establish your position amongst the competition.  Their vision of the brand was that it consist of vibrant colors and a confident yet ruthless character.  That’s when the Maniac Poker logo was born. With a product and logo, the owners of Maniac Poker felt more needed to be done.  The idea was to be revolutionary in that consumers deserve good products for both their poker apparel and accessory needs.

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Currently, their line of apparel consists of t-shirts and hoodies in multiple colors and have been worn at various WSOP and WPT events. Eventually the duo dared to be bold and moved into another type of market- Playing Cards. After playing with many different type of cards and questioning shops around the area, they decided to create an affordable yet durable product for both recreational and professional players. Maniac Poker’s 100% plastic playing cards have a unique design and offer consumers 2 decks of jumbo index playing cards in a plastic case with a cut card for an affordable price.  

The future looks very bright for Maniac Poker.  Their products are now in numerous game/billiard stores throughout the United States and they have recently designed their own card guards which will be available in several weeks.  Maniac Poker is an organically grown company that takes pride in every relationship they build with their customers and business partners.  The owners of the company will do whatever it takes to make sure they stay connected with their fan base through social media and provide the best customer service in the industry.  

To find out more about Maniac Poker, including their products, check them out at 
www.maniacpokerusa.com  or on Facebook.  You can also follow them on Twitter @ManiacPokerUSA.

Good luck at the Tables!

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"Maniac Poker defines a style that is often used to show guts and fearlessness at the table."

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The Story Behind the Company - Maniac Poker!



While Maniac Poker has become a recognized brand in the poker industry, it began as a one product concept created by two best friends in a New Jersey parking lot.  While one was a recreational poker player, the other had been playing competitively for many years.

The pair felt that while playing for both large and small stakes, there had been various house game and dealer errors that interrupted gameplay in terms of both organization and speed.  Cards were continuously sloppily dealt or folded, falling off the table, or burn cards were being confused for folded ones.  Also, chips and cards were almost always mixed together