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Microgaming High Roller Bonuses

In gambling terminology, a high roller is a player who plays for the high stakes. One of the ways an online casino has of recognizing such a player is by looking at the value of the initial deposit made by him when signing up for the casino’s games. A high roller usually deposits money that is slightly higher than average and in turn, the casino offers him a slew of bonuses and gaming opportunities that may not be available to other players.

Casinos need to ensure that their players keep coming back to them and maintain their loyal stint. One of the ways of doing this is by repaying high roller players with above-par bonuses. The high roller player on his end too benefits from these deals as he gets more value for his money. For instance, some casinos offer 100% match bonus their high roller player which means that the player goes home with a lot more money than he came in with. Of course it is important to read the casino’s terms and conditions beforehand and to make sure that they satisfy you before signing up as a high roller payer with a certain online casino. Not only should the casino you choose to play at have a reputation for treating their high roller players valuably, they should also have a proven track record of customer satisfaction and of being reliable when it comes to paying up.

There are many online gaming sites with Microgaming High Roller Bonuses like http://puremicrogaming.com that serious players can consider signing up for. Microgaming offers a host of rewards and bonuses for players that sign up at its online casinos and it has many different ways of doing so. Some of the most important bonuses from Microgaming include:

Signup Bonus – bonus on the initial deposit made by the high roller

Loyalty Bonus – bonuses for regular high roller gamers 

Monthly Rewards – incentive for future gambling for players and high rollers who are active regularly

High Roller Bonus - bonus is meant especially for gamers who stake huge money while playing

No Deposit Bonus – high rollers need not pay any money to start playing games though they still have to fulfill the wagering requirements of the casino to claim their bonus

Match% Bonus – this needs the player to make an initial deposit but the money that can be won thereafter is potentially illimitable


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"What are you betting wind or money?"
John Wesley Hardin, in his autobiography The Life of John Wesley Hardin, a book he wrote in jail after being convicted of murder, wrote that he  found himself playing poker with the ruthless “Wild” Bill Longley one night.  
“If your name is Bill Longley,” Hardin said, “I want you to understand that you can’t bulldoze or scare me.” According to Hardin, this hand came up: