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Card Combinations

* Any two cards working together = 10 combinations, or ways, to make a hand.
* Any four cards working together = between 40 and 60 ways to make a hand.
Flop: 6 combinations
Turn: 24 combinations
River: 60 combinationsIt's one of the greatest variations of poker around, Omaha Hi Low 8 or better, where you get four cards instead of two and try to scoop the pot. Players are vying for both a 'high' and a 'low' hand, with the low being a hand consisting of five cards lower than an eight. Proper strategy, gaming tips and starting hands on High Roller Radio. Enjoy.

Playing Ace Deuce
* A-2 needs good support cards and back up lows (3,4,5,6) and or suited to be played for profit.
* A-2 wins low: 16% of the time, gets couterfeited 42.5% and there's no low 41.5% of the time.
* A-2-3 wins low: 40.5%, gets counterfeited 42.5% and there's no low 41.5% of the time.
* A-4 is a trap hand sometimes (only 2% chance of hitting 2 and 3.
* A-2or-3 hitting the flop = 55%

​Playing High Hand
Straights lose to flush or full house 50% of the time on the river while flushes lose to full houses 25% of the time.

What wins High?
2 pair - 5%
3 pair - 8%
Straight - 22%
Flush - 26%
Boat - 34%
Straight Flush - 0.7%

Playing Flushes?
Suited = 4% chance of making flush
Double Suited = 8% chance of making flush
Two on Flop = 37% chance of making flush by the river.
* Drops 4% every extra suited card you hold.

AA23 (DS) wins all or part of the pot 42% of the time. Your nut low will be counterfeited 25% of the time. So, if you survive to the river you might want back-up low cards, and the lower the better. And, if you hold A2, there is a 37% chance someone else has it too.

Remember the 3 Bandits
If you're holding a 7, 8 or 9, keep in mind they create lower hand expectations. Think Fold!

​Ace Deuce?
If you hold Ace 2 (and no other low cards) and are counting outs to make the nut low, don't forget to subtract the number of counterfeit cards that can hurt you (i.e. the remaining three aces and three deuces.) Also, just because you have Ace 2 in your hand doesn't mean you're in the money. All of the non suited aces are losing hands in the long run.

Losing Ace Deuce's

A222.  A27J.  A279.

A227.  A27Q.  A29K. 

A228.  A289.  A27T 

​Thinking about the Low?
There will be a low 60% of the time but you might have to wait to the river to get it. Being quartered will not hurt you if there are four people in the pot or more, perhaps even three if the pot's been built up by other people's money.If two people have the low you each get 17% of the pot. Continually playing for low with no high card as a back-up will deplete your bankroll.

Did you know?
61 per cent of the cards in the deck qualify as low cards in Omaha Hi/Low.

Did you know?
If you have two low cards in your hand and a different two low cards hit the flop you have a 41% chance of making your low. If the 3rd low card doesn't come on the turn, your odds go down to 37%.

​Are you high?
80% of the time, the full boad will have three or more cards to a straight. Note: A pre-flop hand like 10-J-Q-K will scoop the pot 13% of the time and split 7%.

Full Houses
50% of the time, the board will have at least one pair. If you flop three pair, you have a 25% chance of filling up. If you flop two pair your chance is 17%. There is  2% chance of a full house being bettered by quads. If you flop a set you have a 29% chance of the board pairing to give you a full house or quads.

In 2012, Jarrett Nash elected to skip a day of the Main Event to observe the Sabbath. Nash and his wife are non-denominational Christians who take a day of rest every weekend from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.  
“No pleasures of the self,” Nash said, referring to his deep run in poker’s marquee event, and had no misgivings about having his entire stack of 500,000 blinded off. He finished in 171st for roughly $45,000. Despite the opportunity of winning the first place purse of $8.5 million, he said he had no problem reconciling his fundamentalism with poker, calling it a “clean game.” When asked what he would say to those in the poker world critical of his decision, Nash suggested he “would always tell them to seek the lord.”

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World Champions

Omaha Hi/Lo - Top 10 List
•A-A-2-3 DS
•A-A-2-4 DS
•A-A-2-3 Suited
•A-A-2-5 DS
•A-A-2-4 Suited
•A-A-3-4 DS
•A-A-2-3 (Non-suited)
•A-A-2-2 DS
•A-A-3-5 DS
•A-A-2-6 DS

Low Hand Ranks

(10th through 1st)
8, 7, 6, 5, 4
8, 7, 6, 5, 3
8, 6, 4, 2, A
8, 4, 3, 2, A
7, 6, 5, 4, 2
7, 6, 5, 2, A
7, 5, 4, 3, 2
6, 5, 4, 3, 2
6, 4, 3, 2, A
5, 4, 3, 2, A

Playable Starting Hands
A-2-x-x (Suited ace)
2-3-4-5 (Fold if there is no ace on the flop)
2-3-4-x (Fold if there is no ace on the flop)
Any four cards between a 10 and an ace.

Gap Hands = Trap Hands
0 Gap: A2KK (NS) Rank = 155
1 Gap: A3KK (NS) Rank = 226
2 Gap: A4KK (NS) = 561
3 Gap: A5KK (NS) Rank = 986

* 5278 possible starting hands
* Just 16% are playable, profitable
* 821 starting hands have profit expectations of $1 or more in a $10/$20 cash game
* 743 of those contain an Ace

She's Bluffing!

"Omaha Hi/Lo Poker"

Top Hands in Texas Hold'em
1: AA, KK, AKs
2: QQ, JJ, AK, AQs, AJs, KQs
3: TT, AQ, ATs, KJs, QJs, JTs
4: 99, 88, AJ, AT, KQ, KTs, QTs, J9s, T9s, 98s
5: 77, 66, A9s, A5s-A2s, K9s, KJ, KT, QJ, QT, Q9s, JT, QJ, T8s, 97s, 87s, 76s, 65s
6: 55, 44, 33, 22, K9, J9, 86s
7: T9, 98, 85s
8: Q9, J8, T8, 87, 76, 65
9: A9s-A6s, A8-A2, K8-K2, K8-K2s, J8s, J7s, T7, 96s, 75s, 74s, 64s, 54s, 53s, 43s, 42s, 32s, 32 
(Are you playing some of the hands in #9? They LOSE more than they WIN, just so you know.)