Slots Anyone?
The History of Slot Machines & Betting Tips

Since their invention in 1899 by Charles Fey, slot machines have been a source of excitement and entertainment for gamblers worldwide. They come in all shapes and forms and occupy most of the space at brick and mortar casinos. The bells and whistles are highly attractive and a proven source of fun for patrons of all kinds.

In 1964, the slot machine industry was changed forever when electronic processors were added to the mix, a function to determine the outcome of games. This made machines more secure and, because it allowed the reels to stop reliably where they were supposed to, it also meant operators could offer larger prizes and jackpots.

The next logical step unfolded in the mid 1970's when Walt Freely introduced the first video-based slot machine called the "Fortune Coin," which consisted only of the computer unit, the coin hopper and a TV screen. Things were simplified greatly, but despite the benefits for the casinos and better odds, highly controlled payout's and jackpots, players were at first slow to trust the new technology. Then, video poker came along and, although the two games have few similarities, when players realized video poker games were fair the public perception slowly started to change with respect to video slot games as well. From there things exploded as the three-reeled machine grew to five, seven and nine reel games, massive symbol variations, pay lines, bet sizes, side games and jackpot amounts. Slot machines were added to the roster of online casino offerings. Click here to visit Netbet

Think about it - 100 years of research has been crafted into each and every slot machine you'll play at either a brick and mortar casino or online casino.

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"I don't have a gambling problem, I'm addicted to sitting in semi-circles."
- Mitch Hedberg

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Buster Douglas was a 45-to-1 dog to beat Mike Tyson.


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Be sure to set your limits with the ultimate goal of managing your bankroll in a bid to keep play entertaining, exciting and affordable. Think about it like an evening of fun and always consider playing with a set, comfortable amount.

When you play consider which machines offer the highest progressive jackpots, a signal they haven't been 'hit' in a while.  Look for machines and online casinos that offer the best bonuses and highest player rewards. Also, consider playing machines that offer higher prizes than one that pays out more often but also pays out less.

Most importantly, if your machine is hot and hitting stay there until the luck turns. Sometimes swapping machines and games can pay-off. And, always remember slot machine pay-out's are still random. Sometimes it's just not your night. Take a break and you'll have better luck next time.

How Technology Has Made Us Gamble

In 1899, Charles Fey produced the first ever slot machine, one resembling the machines we know today. It was called "The Liberty Bell" and featured three reels with various symbols, the major one being a cracked Liberty Bell. It had a coin acceptor, a payout table and a large handle on the side. Fey placed it in a San Francisco saloon to see how the public would react and it became such a hit he quit his job to focus on this new technology. He monopolized the market and became very successful.​ In 1909, Stephen Mill decided to modify Fey's original design by adding ten new symbols to each reel. He also made the machine more compact which made moving it and installing it much easier. It too was a big success and, in time, Mill's machine took over from Fey's.

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Tips for Slot Machine Play

Be sure to check and read any information relating to your online casino or individual slot machine you'd like to play. Look for things like payout information, percentages, and if you can't afford the maximum bet on any one machine switch to one with fewer reels or lower denominations to ensure yourself in the mix for jackpots.