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Online/VLT Randomness?

In slot machines and VLTs, random results are produced by a specialized computer chip called a random number generator (RNG). The RNG’s job is to cycle continuously through millions of numbers at several thousand numbers a second. When a player pushes the “spin” or “deal” button, the number available on the RNG at that split second is selected. Pushing the button a thousandth of a second earlier or later would result in a completely different outcome.

Note: The RNG runs continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when no one is playing. 

Fun Fact:

When a cubical die is rolled, a random number between 1 and 6 is obtained.

Electronic Poker?

In electronic poker, a game that features 'live' players but no chips or dealers, the same thing. Just like in online poker, stack sizes, fold, call or bet features, and your opponents stats are all displayed on a little computer monitor in front of you. When you hit the 'call' button the number next on the RNG is selected and that determnes what card comes off.

Casino Myth?

If a slot machine has been "cold" for a half hour or so, it is due for a big payout?  False: A computer number generating program determines when a machine pays out. It could be twice in a row, or just once over 2 hours.

Roughly 70 per cent of people in North America gamble in some form, whether it be lotteries, electronic gaming machines or casino games like poker, blackjack & craps. Thta's most of us! So keep in mind, whether you are running good or bad, you are simply on one side of the randomness. You will not be there forever. The important thing is to play within your budget, your skill level and have some fun.

Note: Besides gambling, random number generators have applications in statistical sampling, computer simulation, cryptography, completely randomized design, and other areas where producing an unpredictable result is desirable.

Good Luck at the Tables!

Random Number Generators & Randomness in ​

Online Gambling

What is Randomness & How do RNG's Work?

What is Randomness?

Randomness means that something happens by chance, with no plan or purpose. In gambling, randomness means that no one can accurately predict what combinations or results will occur next. Brick and mortar casino games use different types of devices to make sure results are random. Examples include:

* Spinning a roulette wheel
* Shuffling a deck of cards
* Rolling dice

Over the years, countless gamblers have tried to develop strategies to help them predict what will happen next but no such strategies exist. Randomness makes it impossible for gamblers to control or accurately predict outcomes. In considering this randomness, the best way to improve your odds at the tables is to simply practise and study the game or stay up-to-date on all the FREE
Casino Bonus Tips available. When you are gambling online, for instance at the dynamic       

NEW Casinos in Sweden, operators are using 'Random Number Generators' or RNG's to ensure cards, dice, roulette balls or slot symbols are distributed randomly and fairly.