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Consumer Habits,

Women in Poker,

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"The Online Gambling Market Looks Good for 2018 and Beyond!"

Traditionally, women make up roughly three-to-five per cent of any poker tournament field and the WSOP main event is no exception. Poker is not alone! In its latest report on the global online gambling market, Technavio has outlined five key trends expected to impact the market outlook for the next few years. Growing the number of online women gamblers sits atop the list:

* Growing number of online women gamblers
* Increasing penetration of credit and debit cards
* Changing consumer gambling habits
* Use of alternative options to cash
* Changing marketing strategies

So, what will
new casinos in 2018 have to do to attract more women? 

More than 85 countries worldwide have legalized
online gambling and online betting and online casino account for 70% of revenue generated fro the online gambling market. Online gambling is a huge success among the public because of the wide range of games it offers and the convenience of playing without any location-constraints. The market is growing too. China, the UK, Australia, the US, France, Germany, and Italy are some of the key revenue generating countries in this area.

In 2015, the female gambling population contributed significantly to the overall online gambling market. The female gamblers accounted for 40% in the US and 49% in the UK. Studies show that women prefer to gamble in private, on their personal electronic devices so that they can play confidently and are less intimidated by male players.

"A lot of times it’s physiological,” says Marsha Wolak, winner of the 2011 WSOP Ladies Championship, an open event where she actually knocked a man out of the tournament on her way to the title. "We’re built different. We’re emotionally different and it’s intimidating. That’s why I love ladies events because I was so intimidated at first that I only played online for first couple of years. I was too intimidated to walk into a poker room.”

According to Technavio, women under 35 years were far more active in online gambling than those above 35 years. More and more
online casinos are encouraging women women gamblers to enjoy the experience from the privacy of their own mobile phone. 

Number 3 on the aforementioned list is ‘Changing Consumer Gambling Habits.’ This ties in nicely with trying to attract more women into gambling because Vendors are leveraging the growth in internet by "adopting mobile devices to develop innovative social gambling games." The number of people, both men and women, participating in social gambling is increasing as they are motivated to "compete with friends.” Many platforms cater to social gamers by socializing and interacting through games, user-friendly game plays, and game tournaments. 

Both these trends, sites are starting to target and cater to women and offer more social experiences, are sure to lead to an increase in the overall growth of online gaming and the quality of gaming experience for those who ante up. Yes, both men and women! Online gambling looks strong in 2018 and beyond.

Good Luck at the Tables!

Gambling Trends 2017-2020

If you’re a poker junkie this is your time of year. For the first time in its history, the World Series of Poker main event, the world championship, is being broadcasted live to fans worldwide on ESPN2 and PokerGo. We’re poker legends like Daniel Negreanu and Mike ’The Mouth’ Matusow bluff and check raise their opponents, almost in real time (the action is being broadcast on half hour delay so hole cards can be shown). More than 7,000 people have travelled to Vegas in hopes of going on the run of a lifetime to claim the title, the money and international bragging rights.

One question? Where are all the women?