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MDA Promotions Q&A

Matthew Ward, Daryl Gurney's manager, discusses Superchin's huge victory over Michael van Gerwen at the Players Championship Finals.

The Players Championship Finals


High Roller Radio on the PDC Tungsten Tournament Trail..

Players Championships Finals

(Left) Day 2 Afternoon Session. Round of 32!

(Right) Day 2 Night Session. Round of 16!

Players Championships Finals

(Left) All Nighter for Daryl Gurney? Celebration time!

(Right)Interview with your CHAMPION!

Players Championships Finals

(Left) Day 3 Afternoon Session. Quarterfinals!

(Right) Day 3 Night Session. Semi's & Finals!

2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

Players Championships Finals

(Left) Day 1 Afternoon Session. Jackpot!

(Right) Day 1 Night Session. Gerwyn Price BOOED!