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Players Championships Finals

(Left) Day 2 Afternoon Session. Round of 32!

(Right) Day 2 Night Session. Round of 16!

Players Championships Finals

(Left) Day 1 Afternoon Session. Jackpot!

(Right) Day 1 Night Session. Gerwyn Price BOOED!

Players Championships Finals

(Left) All Nighter for Daryl Gurney? Celebration time!

(Right)Interview with your CHAMPION!

Players Championships Finals

(Left) Day 3 Afternoon Session. Quarterfinals!

(Right) Day 3 Night Session. Semi's & Finals!

The Players Championship Finals


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I Believe He'll Be The Best Player in The World!

MDA Promotions Q&A

Matthew Ward, Daryl Gurney's manager, discusses Superchin's huge victory over Michael van Gerwen at the Players Championship Finals.