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"Stu Ungar was a Genius!"

Mike Sexton, voice of the WPT & author of Life's a Gamble, talks about his good friend & poker legend Stu Ungar.


(Left) Poker's casual v sexy dress 'Fashion Experiment'

"I welcome our new robot overlords!"

- Dong Kim, after the 'Brains v AI' no-limit hold'em challenge match.

High Roller Radio has talked to some of the greatest poker players, gamblers and gaming authors in the world. Our library is an impressive collection of casino knowledge, poker strategy and card playing tidbits.

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(Left) The 3 most wagered on sports?

(Right) Why propaganda machine ESPN is failing? Perhaps it's the multi-million dollar NFL Monday Night Football deal?

Aaron Hightower on Craps

(Left) One reason NOT to take odds at the craps table.

(Right) The foundation of all bets at the craps table? Pass line bets.

2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

Kentucky Derby Longshots

(Left) The biggest longshots in derby history.

NFL Game Fixing?

(Right) Author Brian Tuohy, The Fix Is In, talks about game fixing in the National Football League & the Quiz Show scandal.

The Chicago 'Black ox' Scandal

(Left) A mobster, a gambler & the 1919 Chicago White Sox. Did they throw the world series?

Bad Beat on the Tarmc

(Right) The passenger dragged from a United Airlines Flight, amid worldwide controversy, was a poker player!

"Poker Clips"

Dogs Playing Poker

(Left) The story of the famous American painting series. Why was it commissioned? Masterpeices!

The 'Nuts!'

(Right) Why do we call the bst hand in poker, 'The Nuts?'

Aaron Hightower on Craps

(Left) Do casinos use unbalanced dice to increase the house edge? "No!"

(Right) Should you be betting 'Snake Eyes' or 'Box Cars?'