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Lon McEachern

(Left) ESPN's 'Voice of Poker' talks about superstar poker players and where they rank in terms of celebrity.

Tom McEvoy

(Right) The 1983 world champ reflects on hs heads-up battle with Rodney Peate, the longest in WSOP history.

Jared Tendler

(Left) The author of The Mental Game of Poker talks about the imprtance of recognizing boredom and tilt at the table.

(Right) Tendler discusses poker and psychology, the mental game baby.

Alec Torelli

(Left) Torelli talks about why some big name tournament players struggle in cash games.

Jaime Staples - TranscriptHERE

(Right) The twitch poker star talks about how he approaches broadcasting to a worldwide audience.

Alec Torelli

(Left) The cash game killer talks about the toughest cash game in the world - Macau.

(Right) Torelli, who plays in the biggest games in the world, talks about adjusting to the high stakes of Macau.

Marc Etienne McLaughlin

(Left) The November Niner talks about his Larry Walker leaps into his rail during the 2013 WSOP main event final table.

Lon McEachern

(Right) ESPN's 'Voice of Poker' talks aout his partner in the broadcast booth Norman Chad.

"I played poker last night with Tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died."

- Steven Wright, Comedian

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Tom McEvoy

(Left) The '83 world champ talks about winning the first ever Binion's Cup. "I had something to prove," he says.

(Right) Part of the Hall of Famer's legacy will be the fact poker rooms are now non-smoking.