Jaime Staples

(Left) The Canadian pro talks about the importance of money management.

Randy Lew

(Right) Nanonoko talks about money management. "More tables, not higher stakes,:" he says.

Brian Tuohy

(Left)The author of The Fix Is In explains why pro athletes throw games.

(Right) Tuohy, who believes all sports are fixed, talks about the card collecting con.

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Jaime Staples - TranscriptHERE

(Left) Live Twitch poker streamer Jaime Staples describes a typical day on the broadcasting platform.

(Right) Jaime Staples is sponsored by Jivaro, a heads-up display company for online poker. He says it saves you time.

Randy Lew

(Left)How to play 24 tables at once - incredible. Lew on multi-tabling.

(Right) Lew talks about Twitch, which he calls the "Greatest thing for poker in a long time."

"Poker is the American pastime."

- James McManus, author Positively Fifth Street & Cowboys Full

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Dan Lubin

(Left) This casino insider talks about table game protection and why its important.

Brian Tuohy

(Right) The world's #1 sports skeptic and sports conspiracy theorist wonders if all sports are manipulated.

Dan Lubin

(Left) This table games designer for Galaxy Gaming describes what makes a good casino table game.

(Right) Lubin talks about 'Advantage Play' and the house edge.

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