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JC Alvarado

(Left) The poker pro talks about his prop bet MMA fight with fellowpro Olivier Busquet. "I'm gonna try and beat him up," he says.

Johnny Hughes

(Right) Author of Famus Gamblers, Poker History and Texas Stories on whether old-time gamblers cheated.

"Poker Clips"

Griffin Benger

(Left) Why the Canadian pro took Busquet over Alvarado in the MMA prop bet that took the poker world by storm.

(Right) Benger, the Shark Cage winner, talks about the ups and downs of a poker life.

"I think they should make a bumper sticker, 'Fold to the Money Baby!'"

- Steve Dannenmann, 2005 WSOP main event runner-up for $4.2 million.

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Johnny Hughes

(Left) The author of Famous Gamblers, Poker History and Texas Stories describes how Benny Binion handled cheats.

(Right) Hughes on Titanic Thompson. "The greatest cheat of all-time," he says.

Randy Kasper

(Left) The co-owner of PPI talks about 2012 world champion Greg Merson.

Rich Muny

(Right) The executive member of the Poker Players Alliance says it is a right to play online poker in America.

Brian Tuohy

(Left) The author of The Fix Is In talks about athlete gamblers and why Michael Jordan really left the NBA.

(Right) Tuohy on whether or not big time sports gamblers have inside info?

Dutch Boyd

(Left) The 3-time WSOP bracelet winner talks about his epic hand with Chris Moneymaker at the '03 World Series of Poker.

Chris Moneymaker

(Right) The 2003 world champ says Twitch is the most advanced poker training site out there.