Max Pescatori

(Left) The multiple bracelet winner talks about the new cashing rules at the WSOP. 

(Right) Pescatori talks about his Global Emperors of the GPL.


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"Treat poker like an English dinner, they're the FISH & you're the CHIPS!"

- Derrick Oliver Dewan

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Micahel Craig

(Left) Craig talks about is subject, billionaire banker Andy Beal.

(Right) Craig talks about the 'Suicide King' - Ted Forrest.

2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

Susie Isaacs

(Left) The 1996 and 1997 WSOP ladies champ answers the question, What happens when someone dies at the table?

Bryan Micon

(Right) Micon talks about doing his infamous Thriller dance at th 2005 WSOP.

High Roller Radio

Michael Craig

(Left) The author of The Professor, the Banker & the Suicide King talks about Phil Ivey's battle against Andy Beal.

(Right) Craig talks about what the book means to him.

"Poker Clips"

Robert Turner

(Left) @TheChipBurner talks about how Omaha poker started, he invented it!

(Right) Turner, who was at the 1994 WSOP main event final table, wonders if Russ Hamilton was cheating back then.

Allen Kessler

(Left) The HPT 'Player of the Year' talks about his nickname, 'Chainsaw'.

(Right) Kessler talks about coming oh so close to WSOP gold, three times!