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Gambling History

(Left) 'Texas Dolly'

Doyle Brunson is a poker legend and Hall of Famer who won two world titles and authored the game's Bible - Super System.

(Right) Bob Dancer

Video poker legend Bob Dancer turned 6k into more than $1 million in just 6-months playing perfect strategy video poker.

We Love This Game!

Did you know? Bugs Bunny was quite the gambler, Fred Flintstone played poker and lied to Wilma about, Britain's greatest gambler once lost $2.7 million on a rugby game and Bob Dancer turned 6k into more than $1 million in 6-months at video poker? We like to call these tidbits - Golden Nuggets Baby!

So, sit back, press play & enjoy!

(Left) What's in a Deck of Cards?

There is more to a deck of cards than you might think. We look at cards, ther origins, their astrological meaning and things you can do with cards besides just playing games.

(Right) Gambler, Hustler, Legend

A profile legendary gambler & pool hustler Minnesota Fats.

(Left) The Hole in One Gang

A pair of gamblers in the UK crunch the numbers and come up golden at the 1991 British Open golf tournament.

(Right) The Breast Bet Ever?

Canadian gambler Brian Zembic make sthe craziest prop bet ever and wins! or does he? Talk about 'Top Pair'.

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Pete Rose Cheques
(Above) Pete Rose's scribbled betting notes. A number of cheques signed by legendary baseball player Pete Rose, resulting in his lifetime ban from the game, went up for auction in 2015.
“There is no doubt of the historical significance behind these checks,” Ken Goldin, president of New Jersey-based Goldin Auctions, told ESPN.  “Pete is one of the greatest players of all time and certainly one of the most intriguing.”
Reports suggest Rose wagered more than $1 million.

Sports Betting Scandals

"Poker & Gambling Features"

Did you know?
* The betting market in the United Kingdom is worth more than £6 billion annually (roughly $9.8 billion USD.) The country’s Gambling Commission says the industry employed more than 107,000 people in 2014.
* Nevada’s gaming industry won a little more than $11 billion off of gamblers in 2014, far less than the $12.6 billion seen in 2006 and 2007. Slot revenue was roughly $6.7 billion in 2014, but between the period of 2007 and 2014 the casino industry shed roughly 20,000 machines.

* Three-Card Poker is the most profitable proprietary table game ever when measured by win generated for the casino or by revenue generated for the rights owners.

"Straight Flush Baby!

A WSOP first, a straight flush final hand to win a bracelet. Wow.

(Left) Expensive Casino Chips

A $1 Showboat Casino Chip, valued at $15,000, sold for a whopping 30k on eBay. Kicker? It had been sitting in a jewelry box for 47 years!

(Right) The Ace of Clubs House Museum

This beautiful, Italian, two-storey brick mansion was built by a guy who acquired his fortune in a poker game. The Ace of Clubs House Museum in Texarkana, Texas.

(Left) The 'Moneymaker Effect'

How a Knoxville accountant turned $40 into $2.5 million and changed the game of poker forever!

(Right) The Rovin' Gambler

Legendary poker player & gambler Puggy Pearson, 4-time WSOP bracelet winner, came up with the tournament freeze-out idea. Hall of Famer baby.

What's Your Table Limit?

(Left) A gambler wins big and then craps out, for good.

The 'Complete Bet'

(Right) Whatis the 'Complete Bet' in roulette? And, how did a gambler use it to perfection.

(Left) Hemingway on Hold'em

Did you know Ernest Hemngway was an avid poker player and gambler? Yes, he loved the competitive aspect of gambling, a "test of character" he called it.

(Right) Britain';s Greatest Gambler?
Harry Findlay has wons millions gambling on football, golf and horses, but sometimes even great gamblers lose big.

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