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"I can't believe that God plays dice with the universe."
 - Albert Einstein

Take the 'Make a Bet' Approach
In a 2007 interview w/ Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Gates repeatedly used terms like "Our bet..." and "We bet..." as he explained the history of Microsoft.  He and Paul Allen were making 'bets' on a better future; that the microcomputer would become huge and that software would become a key part of the upcoming microcomputer revolution. Those bets paid off large. Gates explained how he approaches the world with a "making bets' mindset and by taking calculated risks.

Fun Facts
Those inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame must agree not to play on the tables at the casino where its housed, the Barona Casino in San Diego.


Did you know? 
Tennis star Andy Murray, in 2013, was gifted a custom-made poker table by his uncle for winning the Wimbledon Championship, becoming the first Brit to win the tournament in 77 years. Murray, one of the UK’s greatest sportsmen, has a strong interest in poker. The company commissioned for the project is called McPoker Tables.

Gambling History
Morrissey's, a lavish gambling parlour in New York, located at 5 West Twenty-Fourth Street, practically next door to the opulent Fifth Avenue Hotel, featured 'outrageous' gambling in the late 1870's.   Banking tycoon August Belmont reportedly lost nearly $60,000, in just one night, and spent the rest of the evening dining on two finely cooked ducks - making the ducks, at a sinful $30,000 each, probably the most expensive meal ever eaten during the Gilded Age.
(King of Heists)

The odds of being dealt Ace-King suited are 333-to-1!


“I was playing against a guy in Birmingham and he said to me, ‘You should be called Devilfish’. When I asked him why he said it was a very poisonous fish that eats everything in the water. I responded and said 'I eat everything in the bath, except the soap.' I went to Vegas and people started calling me Devilfish, and it stuck.”

- Dave Ulliot, poker legend.

"I just told him, 'it's tough to play basketball with a broken arm.'"
- Henry Hill, mobster, on the Boston College point shaving scandal.

Poker Exchange:
"Did you look at your cards?"
"I call!"
"Sorry man, I have Aces."
"I thought you didn't look?"
"I was bluffing!”

Poker Hall of Fame

​“It’s an honor to be inducted alongside so many great players that have come before me. An even bigger honor to be recognized at age 40, the same age as the legend Chip Reese. Thank you to the living members of the Poker Hall of Fame and those on the Blue Ribbon Media Panel that voted for me.”

- Daniel Negreanu, on his induction into the Poker Hall of Fame.


"I love poker but greatness in poker is an elusive dream. There are too many variants. Trying to find validation in poker is like trying to find a virgin in a whorehouse. I'm not giving up poker entirely – gambling is an addiction after all. I'm just going to treat it more like a hobby and less like a career." 
- Jennifer Tilly, in her December, 2008, monthly column in Bluff magazine.


Jennifer Tilly was born Jennifer Chan in Harbour City, Los Angeles September 16, 1958. She is now the ghirlfriend of poker pro Phil Laak but, at one time, she was married to The Simpson's co-creator Sam Simon. On June 27, 2005, she won a World Series of Poker bracelet (and $158,625) in the Ladies' No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em event, beating 600 other players. She followed that up on September 1, 2005, by winning the third World Poker Tour Ladies Invitational Tournament held at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles.

You Like to Wager?
Jimmy Kimmel: "So you've quit betting on sports?"
Norm Macdonald: "Yes! Well, do you consider baseball a sport What about basketball or football?"
Jimmy Kimmel: "Yes, those are sports."
Norm Macdonald: "Well, I guess technically I still bet on sports then."

“There are few things so unpardonably neglected in our country as poker! The upper-class knows very little about it. Why, I have known clergymen, good men, kind hearted, liberal, sincere and all that, who did not know the meaning of ‘flush’. It is enough to make one ashamed of the species."

- Mark Twain

"Poker Quotes"

"Well, I could have won. We played back and forth for a long time and finally a hand came up where, if I had won this hand, I would have broke Johnny. I had a big lead on him in chips anyway. I flopped three sevens and he slow played two aces. He checked the flop and the turn and, even there was an ace on the river, I was convinced I had him. That was a hand I'll never forget.”

- Crandall Addington, poker legend on finishing 2nd to Johnny Moss in the 1974 main event.

"Well, it gives me a bit of table presence that others don't have. And it helps, because wearing a coat and tie reminds me to stay disciplined.”
- Crandall Addington, on his famous Stetson