For the Dogs?
A couple of dog owners were arguing about how intelligent their pets were. "The smartest dog I ever had," said one of them, "was a German shepherd called Jack. He could play poker, better than most people, but I eventually had him put to sleep." 
"You put him to sleep, a smart dog like that?” queried the other guy.  “I mean a dog such as that must be worth millions of dollars." 
"I had to," he replied, "We caught him using marked cards!

Why did the Baker play poker?  
Because he kneaded more money!

Do you know why few people play poker in Africa? There are too many Cheetahs!

Have you heard about the blonde that went to a nudist camp to play strip poker?

"Casino Tips for Beginners"

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Look for Ways to Improve Your Game

By: Lawrence Henderson
If you are new to a casino game but you are interested in becoming one of the High Rollers at the table with a lot of knowledge, there is a learning curve you will have to go through. First, you must learn the basics of casino games, then later learn strategies that you can use to your advantage. While playing, keep in mind that each game you play and each poker player who is your opponent is a learning experience.

Read about the Games
Research is important for any hobby that you wish to master. There are several publications that can help you learn the basics of the gaming world, as well as provide a few tips and hints on how to become better and enjoy online casino games.  If possible, find books with different theories on the game. The more books, pamphlets, and guides you read that have distinctive points of view, the further you can learn about the game from a logistical standpoint. Learning the rules of a game is an important process. It is best not to assume that you know the rules of the game before reading the house rules of the casino. Throughout the years, there have been changes and updates to the gaming rules for many casinos. Many players have noted the game that they have learned has changed over the years, so keeping up with the rules is necessary in order to get started in your career. With games like poker, pay extra attention to the rules, as the different poker gaming methods can be difficult to learn all at once.

Play Practice Rounds 
Some online casinos offer the ability to play practice games before you jump straight in to the world of casino games. If the online casino you are play in allows practice rounds, take advantage of this. If you can, play several different tables in order to gauge your current level of expertise. If you find that you are making a mistake over and over, it is easiest to take your time and remedy the problem while playing practice rounds rather than when you are nervous and feel the pressure of live game against other players.  Once you have grasped the basics and have gotten to a level where you feel comfortable playing real games against other players, feel free to move on to other tables in the online casino. Don’t be afraid to go back to practice rounds if you are having issues learning or grasping certain methods.

Observe the Games of Others
One of the best ways to pick up on the techniques of other players and learn expert games is to sit in and observe these games. Some online casinos allow to observe the games of others at a particular room or table. Take advantage of this opportunity, as it can help you understand how experts play the game, and can help with your practice. For example, if you are interested in the game of Roulette, you can watch others play several rounds of the game, in order to determine how those who are at a higher level of expertise play the game. Just as you have the ability to observe others at an in house casino, you can observe games online for many casinos as well.

​Enroll in Poker/Gambling Classes

Some casinos have a school you can attend to learn the ins and outs of casino games. The school consists of several different guides that you can read about the particular game. These guides will grant you the basics of the particular game, as well as give you some play strategies and the history of the game. If your online casino has a school to learn about the games that you are interested in, be sure to go through these guides. It is important that you at least go through the rule guide so that you understand the particular set of rules for the casino, as well as any other procedures that you may be unfamiliar with.

​Download Special Software

There is software available that can aid players in casino game play. Be sure to read up on the rules for having software while playing at your particular online casino. If the casino allows you to have game play software, this is an advantage that you should definitely elect to have on your side. To be sure that software is for you, you can search for free software to use first. Free software will help you to get the logistics of casino game software. Some of these software downloads can help make the game easier to view and play from a viewer standpoint, which is an advantage that you may need, especially if you are brand new to the world of online casinos, or if you have trouble with viewing cards or the table via your personal computer. Software is a great aid to players, both expert and new, in many online games.​