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Progressive slot games truly present a high-risk and high-reward scenario. It is true that the gap between the maximum and minimum bets are going to be relatively small compared to the gap between progressive jackpots and the gap between many standard casino jackpots. For many people, this is more than enough of an incentive to make the maximum bet and take a chance.

The fact that people have to make maximum bets in order to be eligible to win the huge progressive jackpots in the first place is one of many reasons why progressive jackpots grow at such an accelerated rate. People are contributing a decent amount to the pile each and every time, and all of them are contributing to the eventual success of the person who manages to pocket the sum total of the progressive jackpot. Some online casinos advertise their progressive jackpot winners, with their names included and with the games that they played indicated. However, many other casinos just advertise the progressive jackpot values that people can expect.

Competing for progressive jackpots can be wonderfully exciting for many people. All casino games are exciting and fun, but the adrenaline surge that comes from knowing such a huge quantity of money is on the line can really serve as its own reward for many people.

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Progressive slots are otherwise very much like regular slot games, except for the fact that their jackpots get larger and larger as more and more people play them. In a way, progressive jackpots are almost crowd-funded. Each time a given player makes a bet on a progressive jackpot, a percentage of that bet is used to make the jackpot bigger and bigger.

There are lots of great jackpots available at the Euro Palace Online casino. However, unsurprisingly, many of the most successful winners at this online casino managed to secure progressive jackpots. The Euro Palace Online casino manages to immediately show people some basic truths about progressive jackpots right there on their home page. The value of a progressive jackpot is prominently displayed there in a jackpot meter, and people can watch that value increase in real time. Given the number of players in the world, the value of the progressive jackpot increases rapidly. Euro Palace offers a wide range of progressive slot games and people can benefit from the fact the world is large and there are so many people placing bets on progressive jackpots.

Progressive Slots
What are they?
When people hear that the Euro Palace offers a wide range of progressive slot games, they might first have the following question: Progressive slots - What are they? 

Some people might wonder why everyone doesn't try to play progressive slot games, since the value of the jackpot is so large and progressive slot games are not harder to play than the standard versions. The answer is that people need to make the maximum associated bet in order to have a chance at winning the progressive jackpot, and not all people want to risk relatively large amounts of money like that.