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The true American past time?


Fun Gambling Facts
Researchers at the University of Tokyo have created a robot hand that has a 100% winning rate playing rock-paper-scissors. Using a high-speed camera, the robot recognizes within one millisecond which shape the human hand is making, then produces the corresponding winning shape.

World Series of RPS?
Phil Gordon has hosted an annual $500 World Series of Rock Paper Scissors event in conjunction with the WSOP since 2005 with all proceeds going to his charity Bad Beat on Cancer. Annie Duke is a previous winner.

"Rock Paper Scissors"

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Did you know? 

Writer Damon Runyon allegedly based the character Sky Masterson, the gambler-hero of The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown (on which the musical Guys and Dolls is based), on legendary gambler/prop bettor/poker player Titanic Thompson.

You Like to Wager?
Jimmy Kimmel: "So you've quit betting on sports?"
Norm Macdonald: "Yes! Well, do you consider baseball a sport What about basketball or football?"
Jimmy Kimmel: "Yes, those are sports."
Norm Macdonald: "Well, I guess technically I still bet on sports then."

2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

Poker's Version of Rock Paper Scissors?

We thank Daniel Negreanu for this gem, as outlined during his 'Did you Know' segment on High Stakes Poker, where he stated, "If you want Ace King, I'll take pocket deuces. If you want pocket deuces, I'll take the Jack Ten, And, if you want the Jack Ten, I'll take Big Slick. I will always be favoured" 

1) AK offsuit (58.61%) v J10 suited (40.97%)

2) J10 suited (53.28%) v 22 (45.32%)

3) 22 (52.75%) v AK offsuit (46.67%)

A zero sum game, played between two people, where each player simultaneously forms one of three shadows with their outstretched hands. Rock (a fist) crushes Scissors (a fist with index and middle fingers together forming a V) and Paper (a flat hand. Rock crushes Scissors, Paper covers Rock and Scissors cuts Paper. If there is a tie, an immediate rematch is played. The game is also known as Roshambo.

The first known mention of the game Rock-Paper-Scissors was in the book Wuzazu by the Chinese Ming-dynasty writer Xie Zhaozhi (1600), who wrote that the game dated back to the time of the Chinese Han dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD). In the book, the game was called Shoushiling.