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This game is named after the French word which means “little wheel”. Roulette wheels are donned with a range of numbers in the colors red, black and green. A small white ball determines which number wins, depending on where it lands after spinning several times passed the numbers. French and European roulettes have 37 numbers and colored pockets while American roulette wheels have 38.

Here are some easy and 
helpful tips for you, before you go and place your bets:

Place your bet on the outside.

Consider placing your bets on the outside chances. You may get marginal results but there is a higher chance of you winning the game. Try to start with a $5 wager first. This is a reasonable amount if you decided to place a single wager on each spin. Go ahead and increase the number of your wager once you start winning.

Reserve your winnings.

Whether you start with a small amount or not, always reserve some of your winnings. It is better to leave the casino with a bit more rather than leaving with only a breakeven or worse, losing all your money. Try to control your temptation with placing your bets, and make sure to make some deposits on your bank. Always keep this strategy in mind because you do not want to bet everything in knowing that there is a fifty percent chance of losing it all.

Set a budget and a limit for your loss.

Never play more than what you are prepared to lose for the night. You may have a good night and will continue winning but there are times that Lady Luck is not with you. If you arrived on a table with only $100 on your pocket, make sure that you still get to keep that on your pocket. Money will come and go and always be prepared to accept your defeat.

Be smart when choosing your table.

There is a bigger chance of you winning in the European roulette table compared to the American table. There are three percent of you possibly winning if you place your bet on the European table. American tables have double zero and the single zero, increasing the possibility of your loss twice. Tables with a single zero can give you a better advantage at winning.

There is no beginner’s luck.

If this is your first time playing the roulette, do not listen to people who would convince you that you are a guaranteed winner because you have beginner’s luck. If you are starting on a winning streak, take that luck and take it slow. The odds may change if you will play drastically and before you knew it, you already have lost more than what you are prepared to lose. Casinos will make you think that you are emotionally connected to your table because of your heightened sense of awe. Play it cool and play it smart.

Be a keen observer.

Be patient and watch a few sins of the wheel first and observe before you place your own bet. You might want to place bets on a free roulette first before progressing to the high roller ones. Check if the winning numbers are being repetitive, if the wheel is spinning smoothly or if it has a wobbly, unsteady spin. Look out for the trend of the winning numbers, the pattern and if there is a certain number that would appear or win for every spin. Check for the physical aspect of the wheel, it may be a minor detail but it may help you a lot when your start to place your bets.

Do not drink too much alcohol when playing.

Alcohol will make you feel disoriented and it does not help when you are drinking too much when you are playing. You can easily get carried away by the urge of the crowd, you can lose track of your bets and the most important, lose all your money. Yes, you would like to have fun and a little alcohol adds fun when inside the casino but too much of it may lead to an unforeseen disaster.

Try out different kinds of betting systems.

You may hear different kinds of betting from different kinds of roulette player. Their system might work for them but it may not work for you. There is no known roulette system that has ever been proven to make you win every time the wheel spins. You can research a strategy that may work for you, and you can actually mix different kinds of betting systems, there are kinds that may require you to bet more even when you are on a losing streak, some may ask you the exact opposite.

Remember that the casino always has the edge against you.

Casinos are built for profits and not for charities s always know that there is a higher chance of you losing rather than winning. You can try different casinos from different places and states but they will always have an edge against you.

Roulette is a fun activity, whether you win or lose. Just remember to enjoy the game and do not stress too much. Try to follow as many tips listed on this article for a better odd at winning.

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9 Helpful Tips 
...on Playing the Roulette
Roulette is yet another game that you can play in your local casino and even online which is getting more and more popular. It can make you win a fortune; it can also lose you a fortune. So before you go about prancing around the casino with a big wad of cash in your pocket, you might want to check out these tips and tricks first before betting a hefty amount of money. After all, it's always better to win than lose.