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How to Become a Rich Player in

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Top 5 Life Hacks

How to Become a Rich Player in High Roller Online Casinos

Many people agree that gambling is more than just a hobby. For some high rollers, it is similar to a profession. It can give you a chance to win a lot and even make a living out of it. The casino market in the United States reaches 60 billion dollars every year, which seems like a crazy number considering that the sports market is estimated at around 76 billion in 2020. So, the numbers are going really close, which is surprising since sports have always had such a large market share and the casino industry hasn’t been around for a long time. 

There is a special term for players that usually gamble with vast amounts of money. They are called ‘high rollers’ or ‘whales’. Such big players usually gamble at high roller casinos that allow for making large bets. According to statistics, about 50% of all profits in free-to-play games are brought by whales, which make up only 0.15% of the total number of players.

According to marketing research, only 1.5% of gamblers pay for bonuses in free-to-play projects and they do so no more than once a month. Unlike the majority of users who prefer not to pay for bonuses in the game, high rollers not only regularly pay for them, but also actively promote games. Often, such players are not afraid to tell their friends about games, show their gameplay, rate the store, write reviews, discuss games on forums, post the game videos, and invite others to play. If you visit Cosmo Casino, you can see quotes of people who are freely talking about their winnings. They are not only revealed their initials but allowed
Cosmo Casino to post information about their winnings on the main page! Obviously, big winners do not feel confused when they talk about gambling. 

The Methods for ‘Life-Hacking’ the System

When it comes to gaming strategy, everything depends on what game you're playing. It is obvious that slots need one tactic and poker requires another. 

1) The first ‘life hack’ can be used in all areas of work and entertainment. To become more efficient at something (and hence richer) you have to study it from scratch. For example, if your goal is to make money by playing poker, you should
begin with learning the meaning of cards, their combinations, and the whole game process. Once it is done, you can move to actual playing and getting the experience needed to improve your playing. Then you can start making strategies and watch how pros play so you can adapt their knowledge and add some tips to your gaming routine.

2) The second one is given. You have to take advantage of what casinos can offer. Online casino platforms usually give new players a range of bonuses and promotions. In this way, they entice new players to start gambling and newbies get a chance to try out games or get a deposit match or enhanced functions. For example, a casino might offer a No Deposit bonus, which means you can experience most of the games free of charge. It also gives players weekly and monthly promotions, which can be used to compete with more experienced players.

3) Most casinos encourage you to become a VIP member. This status can provide you with exclusive promotions and prizes. Some casinos even provide their VIPs with a personal account manager which will notify them about the upcoming events and promotions, exclusive offers, and gambling options. To become a VIP player, you should play a lot of games and make numerous deposits, so the casino can ensure your reliability and engagement. As a rule, the most experienced gamblers are usually the ones that become VIP’s very soon and can enjoy gambling with extra perks.

4) The fourth life hack is playing on the machines with progressive jackpots. Here we’re talking about slots. So, a jackpot can be either fixed or progressive. While the fixed amount is clearly defined, the progressive one grows, starting from the specified minimum. For example, a certain percentage of each new bet adds until the jackpot is hitten. Usually, the progressive jackpot is super large. And the best thing about it – you don’t have to learn the game and the rules by heart, as slots are mostly just a great deal of luck.

Counting cards and using similar systems are also an option. Some people believe such a strategy is illegal since most casinos frown upon it. However, it is legal and can be used in blackjack. These approaches require advanced math skills and the ability to stay focused during the whole game. This method mostly works well in online casinos since the dealer can’t see you counting the cards. But better think twice before doing it – it calls for a lot of effort and time and can totally kill the fun of playing in a casino. 

Stay safe!

As you can see, there are a lot of methods to become a rich player and make a fortune by gambling. However, always remember about safety. Before making a single bet, make sure the casino is 100% legal and has a respective license. Look at the date of its establishment at the bottom of the page. Check out the players’ reviews on the Internet and better start small. With a little caution, you can go a long way and become a high roller quicker than you think.

Good luck at the tables!

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