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Gambling Quotes

"When I entered the service the Germans became 8-to-5 favourites."
- Sonny Reisner

Be Safe Before Betting the Big Game!

Safe Betting Sites

A Gambler's Word

"A gambler's word is as good as his bond, and that is more than I can say of many businessmen who stand very high in the community. I would rather take a true gambler's word than the bond of many businessmen. The gambler will pay when he has money, which many good church members will to."
George Devol

Sports Betting Tips

- Do your homework 
- Bet selectively
- Stick to your system
- Be disciplined
- Stay calm

Realistic Goals?

- 55% to 65% win rate

2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

Championship Line Report!

Tony George, the best handicapper in the business breaks it down for us!

Be Informed When You Wager!




...with Tony George & Scott Spreitzer!