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You didn't think some of the biggest names in Hollywood, well-known professional athletes & very successful businessmen got to the top without some gamble, did you?

Top Celebrity High Rollers

Whenever players want to play a few hands of poker or blackjack, they carefully go through their options. Reading the
Dunder casino review and other reviews as well can help punters choose a casino which suits their bankroll and preferences best. For some people, however, money isn’t a problem. Take Hollywood celebrities for example – some of them constantly splash out thousands of dollars every night in casinos and are avid gamblers that can’t seem to scratch their gambling itch.

Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Ben Affleck, and Dana White are just some of the celebrities addicted to gambling. Some, like Affleck, have been known to win, but others don’t share his luck and have managed to lose millions in Vegas and Atlantic City Casinos.

Ben Affleck

Affleck is a two-time Oscar winner and has had a quite successful (yet baffling at times) career in Hollywood. He’s currently tied to Warner Bros Pictures and DC Comics playing Batman, so money isn’t really a problem. Gambling, however, is. Former partners and close friends say that Affleck is an avid gambler who’s become pretty good at blackjack. In fact, he’s so good at winning that Hard Rock Casino has banned him from their blackjack tables a few years ago. 

Additionally, Affleck won $356,400 at a national blackjack tournament in 2004, which isn’t a bad sum at all.

Tobey Maguire

What is it with superhero-movie stars and gambling? Former Spiderman Tobey Maguire is a regular at the World Poker Championship and can be frequently seen in Las Vegas casinos. According to legendary poker player Phil Hellmuth, Maguire isn’t shy at the tables and can be considered a high-roller. 

According to Helmuth, Maguire has won more than $10 million in private poker games, which is a total sum many pro players have yet to earn.

Tiger Woods

Woods has seen his fair share of controversy during his career which culminated after he was accused of infidelity and use of alcohol and drugs in 2009. Add gambling to the controversies as well – the golfer can be regularly seen at Vegas casino, sometimes betting more than $100,000 per hand!

According to close friends, Woods has lost more than $50 million in casinos. Even if he’s won back some of that, it seems that he’s not so good at blackjack and other casino games as he thought.

Dana White

The current UFC president has been known to boast about his gambling wins on social media and supposedly left pretty generous tips for dealers and waiters. Casino pros have confirmed that White’s winnings often hit millions and his winning ways have seen him banned from The Palms Resort in Vegas and several other casinos as well.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather Jr. doesn’t shy away from the spotlight nor is he ashamed of showing how much money he’s got. Nicknamed ‘Money’, the boxer fills his Instagram profile with loads of cash, often boasting about his frequent casino wins.

In 2013, Mayweather bet more than $5 million on the Miami Heat - Indiana Pacers Game 7 of that year’s Eastern Conference Finals. The Heat destroyed the Pacers that night, earning ‘Money’ more than $6 million in profit.

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