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Twitter Storm

Social media goes nuts as PDC announces 'Contender' plan to replace the Flying Scotsman. NINE players?

Night 1 - Dobey Delights

One for the contenders! Chris Dobey earns hard fought draw with Mensur Suljovic in terrific battle.

Night 3 - Shamrocks & Suds

(Left) The Shamrock Steve Lennon puts on a show in Dublin but was it enough 

Surgery for Michael Smith

(Right)BullyBoy goes under the knife, after a growth bursts and spews blood. He's okay and will play Thursday in the Premier League!

Night 2 - Duzza'a Debut

(Left) The PDC road show hits Scotland

Fan Abuse of Bullyboy?

​(Right) Michael Smith not happy with a fan!

Anderson Withdraws!

Gary Anderson has pulled out of this year's Unibet Premier League with nagging back issues.

2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

The 2019 Unibet Premier League!

High Roller Radio covers the 2019 Unibet Premier League, which with no Gary Anderson has become the 'Contender' series!

Night 5 - Hendo Splendo

(Left) Sorry, no coverage on Night 4 (vacation) but we did NOT miss Big John and his performance in Aberdeen!

All Hail the Highlander

(Right) Wow! It's Hendomania baby!