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Online casinos want your business, they fall over themselves to attract your custom and use various headlines to attract your trade. Invariably that headline involves the term ‘cash bonus’ but the truth is its little known cousin, ‘free spins’, is actually where the best value lay for real money players. Normally free sportsbook bets do not return their stakes, if and when you back a winner, but play online slot games offering free spins with no deposit and what you win is yours.

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"Las Vegas is sort of like how God would do it if he had money."
- Steve Wynn

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There are two routes to free-spins, maybe three if you include the video slots with no deposit required but, for the big bucks, enter a Guts casino promo code and take free spins as part of your welcome package which can see you win real money on casino slot games. No matter how you slice it, spins cost money and so free spins are as good as cash in your pocket. Free spins are a great way to accustom yourself with the slots, and their features, your chosen online casino has to offer. 

Alternatively you can simply play casino slot machine games online which offer free spins as part of their winning pay-lines. I repeat: Spins cost money and so free spins are as good as cash in your account. But what is best to play, a video slot which offers cash prizes only or a mix of free ‘bonus spins’ and cash prizes? Is it simply a matter of how much you like playing and what your ultimate goal is? Winning free spins obviously gives you more play and more play means more chances of winning cash prizes, right? Not necessarily, let us not forget the percentage cash return to players is clearly advertised and it is an unchangeable the amount.  

Therein there appears to be no obvious advantage in receiving free spins as the amount of money ultimately returned to winning players is no greater (or less) than it normally would be. This explains why ‘free spins’ is a bonus feature and not a cash prize and treat as such by the slot. In short playing slots which offers free spins do not ultimately give you a better chance of winning but they do give you more play and most people play online slots because of the fun and entertainment they provide.

​Something for free? Spin away! Yes, we are all trying to win money, but we tend to take the slot machine route ahead of traditional casino games, such as Blackjack and Roulette, because we find them more fun and entertaining.