(Above) Tom Beresford interviews Canadian World Championship qualifier Jim Long!

(Below) High Roller Radio interviews player/commentator Mark Webster

(Left) Day 4 Night Session

(Right) Day 5 

(Left) Day 7 Afternon session.

(Right) Day 7 Night sessions!​

(Left) Day 8 Afternon session.

(Right) Day 8 Night sessions!​

(Left) Day 12 Night session!

(Right) Day 13 Afternoon sessions!​

(Left) Day 10 Afternon session.

(Right) Day 10 Night sessions!​

Day 2

Afternoon Session

(Left) Day 9 Afternon session.

(Right) Day 9 Night sessions!​

(Left) Day 2 Night Session

(Right) Day 3 Afternoon sessions!​

The 2018/2019 World Darts Championship!

Largest Field Ever at Ally Pally!

(Left) Day 3 Night Session

(Right) Day 4 Afternoon sessions!​

Night 1 at the Ally Pally!

Let the games begin!

(Left) Day 6 Afternon session.

(Right) Day 6 Night sessions!​

2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

(Left) The Final!

MvG v BullyBoy

(Left) Day 11 

(Right) Day 12 Afternoon sessions!​

High Roller Radio