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If we're watching it, we're reporting on it! High Roller Radio follows the Professional Darts Corporation and its stars on the pro & European tours, plus coverage of all the majors.

International Darts Open

(Left) Day 1 Evening Session in Riesa.

(Right)Day 1 Afternoon Session!

Dutch Darts Championship

(Left) Finals Day all about the Diamond!

(Right) Finals Day 'Top 16!'.Jackpot & Rockstar advance!

Dutch Darts Championship

(Left) Day 1 Evening Session!.The Artist baby!

(Right)Day 1 Afternoon Session! Bringing the Payne!

Dutch Darts Championship

(Left) Day 1 Evening Session: Pure Drama in Riesa.

(Right)Day 1 Afternoon Session! Dynamite Darren Johnsin.

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International Darts Open

(Left) Day 2 Evening Session!

(Right) Day 2 Afternoon Session!

International Darts Open

(Left) A Simon Whitlock v Gerwyn Price final!

(Right) Finals Day, 'Top 16!'