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"If you are still at the same skill level 6-months from now then your poker game has actually got worse."
- Calvin Anderson, Poker Pro

High Roller Radio has talked to some of the greatest poker players, gamblers and gaming authors in the world. Our library is an impressive collection of casino knowledge, poker strategy and card playing tidbits.

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Nicholas Colon

(Left) The greatest minds in blackjack; Ed Thorpe, Ken Uston and James Grosjean.

Reid Young

(Right) He started crushing the game early and wrote a book for advanced players. "Not for everybody," he says.

James Leighton

(Left) The author of Alligator Blood on why online poker in America crashed. 

Brian Tuohy

(Right) The author of The Fix Is In talks about how professional sports can be fixed, and the most corrupt sport?

2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

Nicholas G. Colon

(Left) This professional card counter, gaming mathematician & managing director of the Alea Consulting Group on why gambling numbers are down in Las Vegas. Comps?

(Right) Colon on how difficult card counting is, how few can do it successfully and how 'Advantage Play' is not illegal or cheating.

Tom Schneider

(Left) The 2007 WSOP 'Player of the Year' talks about that magical summer at the RIO, running good baby!

Greg Raymer

(Right) The 2004 world champion talks about his victory. "The victory was amplified!"

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