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Steve Dannenmann
A former guest of the show, Dannenmann offered this beauty on Facebook:
"At most, poker should be no higher on your list than Plan "B" in life..."
Full Interview

Women of Poker
Jan Fisher
Member of the Women's Poker Hall of Fame

Susie Isaacs
Back-to-back winner of WSOP ladies Championship

Barbara Enright
Only woman to ever reach main event final table

Kathy Liebert
$6 million plus in lifetime earnings

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High Roller Radio host Derrick Oliver-Dewan is proud to be a regular contributor at Poker Player Newspaper.

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Recent Q&A's

The BEST interviews online, period!

Kathy Liebert
Full Interview

Greg 'FBT' Mueller
The man on Full Blown Tilt talks about his emotional bracelet ceremony:

Full Interview

Greg Raymer
'The Fossilman'

Full Interview

Book Report
"Buy it bitches!" - Holly Dave Stann's book Hollywood Blackjack.

How a New Jersey Grandma beat trillion-to-one odds at the craps table!  Wow.


Phil Hellmuth
is a member of Poker's Hall of Fame, a 13-time bracelet winner and the 1989 world champion.  

Hellmuth Hype)

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Do you LOVE poker?  Got that gambling itch?  Well, we've got you covered!  If you're a poker junkie then be sure to surf this site and HIT those PLAY BUTTONS.  Quotes, notes and anecdotes.  News, views and interviews.  Features, tidbits and incredible interviews, as we go heads-up with the best in the game today.  Like us on Facebook and twitter and join High Roller NATION today.  Enjoy.

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'Tricky Dick'
The 37th president of the United States loved to play poker and actually financed his run for Congress with poker winnings.

Politics & Poker
Warren Harding, the 29th President of the United States, was a great lover of the game of poker. So much so, in fact, he played 
at least twice a week. His advisors got the nickname "the poker cabinet" because they played with the President.   Rumors say that Harding once lost an entire set of White House China playing poker, but that story is up for debate.

Did you

Many players at  888poker have turned smaller amounts than $12 into six-figure sums of money…what about you?

Roger Moore
Not the actor, the poker player; one of the fiercest around.  Bracelet winner and member of the Poker Hall of Fame.

We spoke to the guy who invented Omaha!

Sir Edmond Hoyle
We thank the man for the Rules of the Game.  The phrase "according to Hoyle" came into the language as a reflection of his generally-perceived authority on the subject; since that time, use of the phrase has expanded into general use in situations in which a speaker wishes to indicate an appeal to a putative authority.

Hall of Famer
1984 world champion Jack Keller won three WSOP bracelets in all and more than $3 million in his career.  He also captured two main events at Amarillo Slim’s Superbowl of Poker, which was the world’s second most prestigious poker tournament at the time.

Minnesota Fats
One of the all-time great hustlers!
(Part 1)

For Part 2 visit

Puggy Pearson
Hall of Famer and legend of the game.  The 'Rovin' Gambler' on High Roller Radio:
Where does Liv Boeree rank on our Top Ten list of Hold'em Hotties?

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Chris de Beer

Picks the rematch between pacqauo and Bradley....should be awesome.  Who's Chris taking?

R. Scott Dinsmore is back with 'What's in your Egg basket for the World Series of Poker?', a look at how maximize your bankroll for poker's upcoming marquis event at the Rio next month.  Should you put all your eggs in one basket and play the mian event?
Byron Jacobs
Co-owner of, Byron Jacobs is an 'International Master' at chess and author of three successful poker books.  Now, he's teamed up with the best online poker player EVER - Chris Moorman - on a new project; 'Moorman's Book of Poker':

Full Interview

'Derrick & Dannenmann'
High Roller Radio program director Derrick Oliver-Dewan is teaming up with Steve Dannenmann, one of poker's household names, who won a whopping $4.2 million at the 2005 World Series of Poker.  This show will headline a stacked roster of great radio shows, poker instructors and fantastic segments as part of a new radio network - Your Poker Radio.  Owner/Operator 'Poker Joe' Purvis says he's excited:

Full Interview

Crandall Addington
They called him 'Dandy' because he was always the best dressed player at the poker table and he was usually the best one at it as well.  Addington made the main event final table of the World Series of Poker a record seven times and is a member of the Poker Hall of Fame.

Shane Schleger is a dynamite poker player who's made a couple final tables at the World Series of Poker and one on the World Poker Tour.  Most recently, he finished 5th at the WCOOP main event for more than $291,000.  Great interview from the archives.

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The 'Art of the Deal'
Stuart Locascio is the general manager of Poker Academy Inc., the only 'Live-Action' poker school in Los Angeles, where dealing cards rather than playing them is a viable career option.  Be sure to listen to this fantastic Q&A.

'The Players Voice'
High Roller Radio's Derrick Oliver-Dewan is a contributor to Poker Player Newspaper and this week looks at Ladies Legend Susie Isaacs and the 1998 main event; the 'Year of Dreams'.

Poker Quotes
"This was the toughest place I've ever played in.  There were forty of us that hung around together there and, apart from Sailor and me, they were all either dead or in the penitentiary by the time they were thirty-five."
- Carl Mckelvey, about the famous Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas and his days with Hall of Fme poker player 'Sailor' Roberts.  (From the book, Ghosts at the Table by Des Wilson.)


Top 5 Dirty Angles
Nik Low is a successful cash game specialist and regular at the legendary Commerce Casino in Los Angeles.  He has joined High Roller Radio as a hand analyst and this week looks at the 'Top 5 Dirty Angles' you'll find at the poker table.

Ladies Legend
Susie Isaacs has certainly left her mark in the poker world; winning the WSOP Ladies Championship in back-to-back years in 1996 & 1997.  A year later, she bubbled the main event final table - 10th.  A great Q&A from the archives.

Full Interview

Writer's Block
High Roller Radio offers you a sampling of the many dynamic gaming author's we've had on the show; from Frank Scoblete, author of the best-selling Golden Touch Craps to Johnny Hughes, author of Famous Gamblers, Poker History and Texas Stories.  James Leighton, author of Alligator Blood, tells the story of young Daniel Tzvetkoff, a 20-something millionaire and one of the key figures who helped to bring down online poker:


2014 World Series of Poker 
Organizers have released the schedule of events for the 2014 WSOP this summer at the RIO.  Are you playing?



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