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The Suicide Table?
One poker tabke you definitely don't want to sit at!

Gamblers' Fallacy
Flipping coins for money? You may want to hear this: (press play)

Part Two

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Top 10 Casino Myths
Do casinos really pump oxygen in to keep their players up so they'll spend more?

Play Poker California - Online Poker California News.

Ruff Poker - Online Poker Room Guide!

The iPhone 6s - Set to revolutionize the mobile gaming world.


What legend of poker made a record 7 WSOP main event final tables?
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Hollywood Dave Stann
"Buy it bitches."
Book Review

Jimmy 'The Greek'
Rise & fall of the one-time CBS NFL guru.
Flashback Q&A: Joel Zytko of High Roller Clothing, poker apparel.
Jack Strauss: His remarkable feat coined the phrase, "A chip and a chair."

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Did you know?
Paddy Power Poker Online sponsors the Irish Open, the longest running event in Europe, and 2nd longest running in the world behind only the WSOP.

"I don't have a gambling problem, I'm addicted to sitting in semi-circles."
- Mitch Hedberg

Video Picks: Comedians Artie Lange, Norm Macdonald & Kevin Hart on gambling.

Maria Ho
Poker Central Live
Poker pro and Amazing Race contestant Maria Ho has signed on to host her own show on Poker Central:

Full Interview

Video Slots
How online casinos attract your business with free spins, what to watch out for, and the best sites to play on.

Poker's Version of Rock Paper Scissors
Which hand would you take; AK offsuit, J10 suited or pocket deuces? Plus, the history of Roshambo!

The Jivaro HUD (Heads-Up Display)
High Roller Radio interviews Ivar Ketilsson of Jivaro about how heads-up displays have changed the game:

Full Interview

Legend Banned in Nevada
Gambling legend Anargyros Karabourniotis, better known as Archie Karas, has been placed in Nevada's 'Black Book', the list of persons barred from entering any casino in the state. The only way to get off the list is to die. Why? Well, Karas has been arrested at least five times for cheating in casinos in California and Nevada over the years. His latest arrest, 2013, at the Barona Casino in San Diego, home of the Blackjack Hall of Fame, for marking cards. Nevada’s Black Book was established in 1972.

Gambling Quotes from the Movies
"Do you know the difference between a hustler and a good con man? A hustler has to get out of town as quick as he can, but a good con man - he doesn't have to leave until he wants to."
- Diggstown

The iPhone 6s/Mobile Gaming
How is it set to revolutionize the mobile gaming world forever? High Roller Radio presents new technology and new options for punters.

    Will Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliot

Poker Hall of Fame
The World Series of Poker has announced its 10 finalists for induction this year, the Class of 2015. Eight legends and two on the industry side.

be inducted this year?

"I haven't yet decided how I'm going to divvy up my votes, but I can't imagine John Juanda not being at the top of the list."
- Daniel Negreanu, Poker Hall of Fame (2014) on the Class of 2015.

Brand New Show
Fantasy Sports
Tony George & Steve Rich, two of the best handicappers in the business, have a new show for us, Fantasy Sports Book.
Listen Now

Gamers Spend Money
A new report says nearly half of all social gamers spend money on the activity rather than just continuing to play for free. Most are men between 21-and-35 but 41% are women. The social gaming market is $2.9 billion in the US.

Alec Torelli
Cash Game Terror
Fresh off a $60k win at Poker Night in America Florida, Alec Torelli continues to build his name as one of the best players in the world, period. Here, he goes in depth describing the cash game poker scene in Macau:

Full Interview

Poker Fun Facts
Brand new page featuring 'Politics & Poker' and the stories of 'Tricky Dick' and 'Barry the Bomber.'  Plus, a great new gambling commercial, Bilzerian versus Ivey and the high stakes cash games of Macau.

Fun Casino Facts
It's thought Roulette was invented by the well-known scientist Blaise Pascal as a result of his attempts and numerous tests to create a perpetual motion machine.

And, what is the relationship between the casino and its patrons?

And Then There Were Nine!
After a week and a half of gruelling play, bad beats, thrills, spills and blow-ups for 6420 hopefuls, the World Series of Poker has reached its 'November 9.' Each player left in poker's world championship is guarantee'd $1 million but the winner will pocket a whopping $7.7 million. Who are they? And, who's next?
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