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The Suicide Table?
One poker tabke you definitely don't want to sit at!

Gamblers' Fallacy
Flipping coins for money? You may want to hear this: (press play)

Part Two

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The largest collection of card game rules on the internet, featuring hundreds of card and tile games from all over the world.

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Do you LOVE poker? Got that gambling itch?  Well, we've got you covered!  If you're a poker junkie then be sure to surf this site and HIT those PLAY BUTTONS. Quotes, notes and anecdotes. News, views and interviews. We go heads-up with the best players in the game today.  Like us on Facebook and twitter and join High Roller NATION today!

NBC Heads-Up Winners
The Beast of Blackjack
- How Don Johnson beat the casinos for millions
Fred Flinstone & Poker?
- Yabba Dabba Flush?
Jimmy 'The Greek'
- Legendary handicapper.


Jared Tendler
The Mental Game of Poker
Calen McNeil
The 'Big Wheel' is a WSOP Omaha Champ.

Fun Fact
He wanted to retire in Vegas as a poker dealer, now he's a major table games designer!
Answer Here

Poker Quotes

"When I went into the service the Germans became 8-to-5 favourites."
- Sonny Reisner, Legendary Bookie from 'The Castaways'


Michael Craig
He authored one of the greatest poker books ever - The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King; Inside the Richest Poker Game of All Time. The story centers on billionaire banker Andy Beal and his epic clashes against 'The Corporation' for enormous sums of money:

Full Interview

Ronnie Bardah
Great interview with one of poker's very elite players. WSOP bracelet winner in 6-handed Limit Hold'em (2012) and the main event record holder with five straight (2010-2014) cashes! He says breaking the record was emotional, as evidenced on ESPN:

Full Interview

Casino Vacations?
Macau is right near the top of the list for best gambling destinations.

Strip Poker Anyone?

It's fun, exciting, and, in some cases sexual - Strip Poker. The history of the game.

Tyler Patterson
A bracelet winner with multiple WSOP final tables to his name, 31 year old Tyler Patterson is quickly emerging as one of poker's 'Shooting Stars'. Here, he talks about the final table he conquered last summer at the Rio, one that included Scott Clements, Tom Schneider and Jeff Madsen: 

Full Interview

Benny Binion Movie?
Great news for fans of gambling/poker movies. Seems the life and times of Benny Binion, the Godfather of the WSOP, will be made into a Hollywood flick. Plus, Phil Ivey quoptes and two awesome Caribben poker destinations.

Ontario Introduces Online Gaming
It becomes the 7th Canadian province to offer online gaming. Ontario Lottery and Gaming trying to stop the flow of cash to offshore markets. Plus, Daniel Negreanu speaks his mind about the WSOP's 'Colossus'. And, legendary prop bets.

"Once, we were playing one of those outlaw games on Exchange Avenue in Fort Worth. All of the sudden, the door was busted down and a guy stormed in with a gun and shot a guy sitting right next to me at the table."

"To be a successful gambler you have to have a complete disregard for money."
More Doyle Brunson Quotes


Flashback Q&A
Brian Tuohy
The world's #1 sports skeptic and sports conspiracy theorist. He believes all sports are fixed.

Full Interview

Brand New: Poker Quotes
"I believe in poker the way I believe in the American Dream. Poker is good for you. It enriches the soul, sharpens the intellect, heals the spirit, and — when played well, nourishes the wallet."
- Lou Krieger

Betting it All - Literally
Ashley Revel bets his life savings on one spin of roulette.

Holy Rollers
The remarkable true story of cartd counting Christians who took the casinos for millions:


Did you know?
The odds of being dealt Ace-King suited are 331-1.

Poker Polaroids
Check out a sampling of interesting poker and gambling photos found nline and elsewhere. (left) Talk about a flush!

Pascal LeFrancois
Flashback Interview
Canadian pro and bracelet winner.
Full Q&A

"In Louisiana, we don't bet on football games, we bet on whether a politician is going to be indicted or not."
- Mark Duffy

Daniel Colman/Record Breaking Year
Daniel Colman, winner of the Big One for One Drop, has been named Card Player maagzine's 'Player of the Year' after a STUNNING 2014 - record breaking poker for the 24 year old.

A few of Amarillo Slims’ Greatest Bets 
• Playing Minnesota Fats in one-pocket with a broom. 
• Hitting a golf ball a mile on a frozen lake—inspired by Titanic Thompson. 
• Wagering that a cat could pick up a Coke bottle. 
• Betting on which sugar cube a fly would land on in an Arkansas jail.
• Outrunning a horse for a hundred yards (no one ever said anything about the race being a straight-away.  Horse had to stop and turn around.  Too much momentum.  Too late.)
• Holding a horse’s tail for a quarter of a mile in San Angelo, Texas.
• Beating Bobby Riggs playing Ping-Pong with a skillet.  
• Betting that a champion bowler couldn’t bowl seventy blindfolded (and that a driver with a little physical impairment could)
• Finding (a) person who could eat a quail a day for thirty days.

Poker Psychology
The game of poker is more than just luck and good cards. How mentally tough are you?

Save These Dates...
The World Series of Poker has released some 'teasers' for the 2015 WSOP schedule. Organizers hope to stage the biggest tournament ever - The Colossus. Plus, flashback interview with Mark Hoke of Fifth Street Radio. And Kara Scott parts ways with PartyPoker.

Kara Scott Parts Ways with PartPoker
PartyPoker has gone through many changes and unfortunately as their focus shifted, there were fewer and fewer TV projects. As those shows disappeared, so did one of my favourite parts of the job and now my association with Party is ending. However, I’m not going anywhere. I still love playing poker and have made a lot of great friends in the industry.
(For full statement click the 'MORE' link under 'Save These Dates...')


Christmas Gift Ideas
Need a last minute gift ideas this holiday season for the poker player in your family? High Roller Radio is hear to help. How about this design (left) on a t-shirt?

Legends of the Game
Johnny Chan.

Actor Eric Bruskotter

Star of the movies Major League 2 & Major League 3, Bruskotter is an avid poker player and regular at the Commerce Casino.
Full Interview

Nolan Dalla
WSOP media director Nolan Dalla was an outstanding guest on High Roller Radio. True storyteler and author fo the best-selling One of a Kind, the Stu Ungar story.
Full Interview

Rounders II?
Edward Norton's appearance on Late Night with David Letterman has people talking once again about a sequel to this 1998 cult classic.

Video Picks
Phil Ivey top our selection of video picks as he talks about 'Edge Sorting' on 60 Minutes Sports. Plus, Miss Finland pulls off massive bluff, Bug Bunny cheating, and an awesome card trick.

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