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The Suicide Table?
One poker tabke you definitely don't want to sit at!

Gamblers' Fallacy
Flipping coins for money? You may want to hear this: (press play)

Part Two

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Top 10 Casino Myths
Do casinos really pump oxygen in to keep their players up so they'll spend more?

Play Poker California - Online Poker California News.

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What legend of poker made a record 7 WSOP main event final tables?
High Roller Radio

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Bet Raise Fold

Director Jay Rosenkrantz

Skill-Based Slots?
The Mental Game of Poker
We speak to author Jared 

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Did you know?
Paddy Power Poker Online sponsors the Irish Open, the longest running event in Europe, and 2nd longest running in the world behind only the WSOP.

Alec Torelli
Cash Game Terror
Fresh off a $60k win at Poker Night in America Florida, Alec Torelli continues to build his name as one of the best players in the world, period. Here, he goes in depth describing the cash game poker scene in Macau:

Full Interview


"If I don't get control of my gambling, it's going to flat-out ruin me!"
John Daly, in his book John Daly: My Life in and Out of the Rough.

Gamblers Fallacy
Do you suffer from the Gamblers Fallacy? Today, flipping coins for money on High Roller Radio.

Amarillo Slim's Top 10 Keys to Poker Success
Be able to quit a loser, and for goodness' sake, keep playing when you're winning.

Poker Fun Facts
Brand new page featuring 'Politics & Poker' and the stories of 'Tricky Dick' and 'Barry the Bomber.'  Plus, a great new gambling commercial, Bilzerian versus Ivey and the high stakes cash games of Macau.

Fun Casino Facts
It's thought Roulette was invented by the well-known scientist Blaise Pascal as a result of his attempts and numerous tests to create a perpetual motion machine.

And, what is the relationship between the casino and its patrons?

Super High Roller Bowl!
One word - wow! This event will feature a $500,000 buy-in and therefore the game's very best players, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Eric Seidel and Antonio Esfandiari included, who will all ante up and vie for their share of the $21 million prize pool and all the action will be seen on NBC.

"Las Vegas is sort of like how God would do it if he had money."
- Steve Wynn

Poker Quotes
For more great poker quotes, fun gambling facts and casino news.

Mississippi Grind Trailer

New gambling flick set to hit theatres soon starring Ryan Reynolds as a nomadic character who decides to team up with an older gambler played by Ben Mendelsohn to travel around the U.S. South in search of action. Mendelsohn’s character apparently is not very good at gambling but is hoping to turn things around and thinks Reynolds’ character can help. Interestingly, Reynolds’ character says in the trailer that he “doesn’t care about winning.”

Henry Orenstein
Inventor, Legend of Poker
He invented Transformers and poker's hole-card camera. He is a member of poker's Hall of Fame and he owns a bracelet.


Dogs Playing Poker
Did you know the famous painting series was conceived to sell cigars?

John Reading
WSOP Bracelet Winner
What a summer for this Minnesota-native; 7, one WSOP bracelet & two final tables:

Full Interview

The High-Rolling Whiz-Kid who helped bring down Online Poker?
We spoke to the author of Alligator Blood!
Listen HERE

Top 5 Poker Angles at the legendary Commerce Casino in Los Angeles?
- Commerce cash game regular Nik Low breaks down all the dirty tricks for you.

Minnesota Fats

Minnesota Fats
Poker player, gambler, pool shark and hustler! And, he's got one of the most well-known nicknames ever:

Part Two

And Then There Were Nine!
After a week and a half of gruelling play, bad beats, thrills, spills and blow-ups for 6420 hopefuls, the World Series of Poker has reached its 'November 9.' Each player left in poker's world championship is guarantee'd $1 million but the winner will pocket a whopping $7.7 million. Who are they? And, who's next?

Jaime Staples
PokerStars Pro/Twitch Sensation
This Canadian PokerStars pro has carved out his own poker brand, multi-tabling daily to a large audience on Twitch, where he is a popular streamer:

Full Interview

Poker Mistakes
& Videos
5 mistakes players make & some entertaining poker & gambling videos.

Limon on Poker
Known as 'Limon' to his fans, this regular at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles crushes the $10/$20 NLHE & PLO cash games. He hosts Live at the Bike, PokerSesh on twitch, and is the founder of the largest poker tounament in the world. He says the poker scene in Los Angeles is second to none:


Who is the only player to appear topless in a WSOP bracelet photo?
Answer HERE

Twitter Glitter
Great player @RealKidPoker said, "I think we have the same hand" as he called my 4 bet for 250,000 w A-K. Luckily for him I had only Q-Q.
Gambling Degenerate?
Casino Jimmy
Age Old Question
Call or Raise?
Sports Conspiracy Theorist
Brian Tuohy

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